24 comments on “BREAKING – Cyborg Asks to Be Released From the UFC”

  1. RunEnabled says:

    Is Tito a girl scout or something?

  2. godzilla1 says:

    If Ronda is such a bad ass she should agree to 140 what’s 5 pounds for her. She fought at 140 in judo. Real fighter who challenge themselves fight people that way more than them. That’s what makes you a legend. IE: Wanderlei Silva, Fedor Emelianenko, BJ Penn, Mirko Cro Cop, Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort, Randy Couture.

  3. cujo905 says:

    Really a shame the womens weight class used to be 145, until everyone got scared of Cyborg and dropped to 135. She apparently walks around at 170 and in good shape. No way in hell it would be healthy to drop to 135.

  4. pennywise247 says:

    Shes better? That remains yet to be seen. Lets see how she performs without banned substances.

  5. godzilla1 says:

    You ever cut any weight in your life you fat pile of turd? STFU you know dick.

  6. godzilla1 says:


  7. SlenderMan92 says:

    Rousey is so good, but Cyborg is better.

    I think that Cyborg deserves more respect to be honest, she is a strong fighter who has destroy opponents in the past. Dana knows this and does not want Cyborg to be the face of the women’s division, simple as that.

  8. buschbeater82 says:

    What a cunt.  Take that back she probably has a massive penis.

  9. zhentarim1 says:

    She wants to have a family…but 5 pounds will risk her chances for having one.Ofc injecting your body with all kinds of steroids for years wont risk anytihng.FUCK MANBORG AND FUCK THAT GIANT HEAD DOUCHE TITO.

  10. BehindTheLight99 says:


  11. normalpsychology says:

    Hahahaha. Good riddance loser Tito and loser Cyborg.

  12. frocdog says:

    ‘manager’ lol. guy cant string a sentence without forgettin wot the fuck hes on about.

  13. ocdarr37 says:

    And that’s what happens when bullies don’t get there way.

  14. DishOfRice says:

    Cyborg can make the weight, but she won’t be able to use her steroids.

  15. DavesThePartyGuy01 says:

    1:36 WANKERS

  16. WhyTheHorseface says:

    agreed on all points.

  17. 10pmStalker says:

    Cyborg knows she would get destroyed without the steroids. She can get away with shooting up in the little leagues but not in the UFC.

  18. josephthemighty says:

    hmm someone has sand in their vagina

  19. TheVJProduction says:

    do those glasses even have lenses wtf?

  20. Gusto821 says:

    Lol cyborg a chinas lil sister

  21. ownTer says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Just what i was thinking.

  22. JRoc14NSL says:

    Make it a 140 catchweight nontitle fight. Well if she moves up then obviously she won’t be defending her title. No if she moved up to 145 then that’s another weight class with another belt. So if she wins she’ll have 2 belts. If she loses she still keeps her 35 belt. Cyborg was the 145 champ before they stripped her belt, Ronda dropped down then started talking shit. Cyborg has her own weightclass, she’s chillin, if you want to fight her go to that weight class. Ronda needs to make it happen.

  23. pearcemark2 says:

    Hey you fucking retard, you must be forgetting the part where this cheating roided to the gills cunt could EASILY FUCKING MAKE 135, WHICH IS THE ONLY WOMEN’S DIVISION THAT EXISTS IN THE UFC, IF HER FUCKING CHEATING SISSY ASS WOULD GET OFF THE GODDAMN DRUGS AND FIGHT CLEAN

    but she’s clearly fucking TERRIFIED of that, since her entire career she’s been juiced up and fighting little 115 pound women who had no choice because if they wanted a big fight they had to move up in weight

    complete fraud

  24. mcjewzy says:

    its not about if she can make it, it’s both that cyborg is full of crap and that ronda is currently champ at 135 not 140 or 145

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