24 comments on “Brian Stann Announces His Retirement”

  1. koko1914 says:

    Kinda glad he retired, now I don’t have to see all this “patriotic” pro-war imperialist propaganda bullshit every time before or after he fights

  2. koko1914 says:

    yea, don’t get me wrong, im a condit fan as well and I think he is a sick fighter, but he did say “im going to fight you” and ran in circles… and I was really looking forward to that fight too, I would have really liked to see those two really FIGHT

  3. SuperPEACEMAKER786 says:


  4. JohnboySK64 says:

    “annalist” lol. i know what you meant dude so dont take offense im not a spelling nazi the real spelling is “analyst”. Yours is some kind of list that belongs to a girl named anna, or it could be like an ‘anal list’ perhaps of guys you have fucked up the asshole?

  5. JohnboySK64 says:

    incorrect, he went to war. to finish a problem his country started. That is not the definition of a hero.

  6. JohnboySK64 says:

    or they could have came out and fought like a spasticated monkey (cough) (cough) Keith Jardine (cough)

  7. HydroBud98 says:

    Dude Brian Stann was evolving. There were so many fights that could have happened that would of been EPIC! Damn it! 

  8. HydroBud98 says:

    Dude WTF!!!!!!!

  9. shinsama3333 says:

    LOL I’m a Condit fan and thats true. I still think Nick should’ve went to the ground earlier.

  10. koko1914 says:

    LOL… also (cough) Condit (Cough) (Cough)

  11. jacktorse777 says:

    Congrats on a great career to Brian.

  12. irishlew says:

    you sir are a piece of garbage.

  13. larry trujillo says:

    Brian Stan fuckin sux

  14. Lifter85 says:


  15. TheMattOompa says:

    Overrated, by whom? I think hes just well liked. Many people became fans when he was the undefeated 6-0(all KO/TKO) WEC light heavyweight champion. He fought Phil Davis, Sonnen and Bisping who are all ranked fighters in their respected divisions. He was the 2nd man behind Silva to knock out Chris Leben and had an awesomely entertaining war with Wanderlei. What more can a fan ask for? He was a good UFC fight annalist and an American war vet. Not the best but well spoken and respectful so shut up.

  16. danblackandgo1d says:

    ha what an ignorant statement. Stann was a WEC champion before coming to the UFC, so clearly he has fought decent fighters. Also he has been in the Octagon with some of the best UFC fighters in the sport. Just cause you dont know anyone doesnt mean he hasnt fought any one look up the facts.. He has beaten a stud in Chris Leben, and also jorge santiago.. On top of that he has fought with superstars like Wandi Silva, Chael Sonnen, Phil Davis and Michael Bisping! Clearly you are uneducated in mma

  17. agpoe says:

    So I guess that female fighter liz carmouche will get all the patriotic action on her way when she fights in the UFC now Stann is gone..

  18. ccicc says:

    This is the most overrated fighter ever. He has fought nobody on MMA. He does not have good wrestling or striking or even grappling. UFC has made up this fighter cause he comes from the army…

  19. Ownage1067 says:

    He looks creepy bitch.

  20. jeremyshambles says:

    he had a respectable fighting style and was quite entertaining. he seems well mannered and polite, cheers

  21. Silver Boltion says:

    Brian Stann HOF 2014

  22. asap78727able says:

    Brian stann is a baby killer and a sub par fighter.big whoop who cares if he retires? Sara palin 2016!!!!

  23. Esteban Johnson says:

    Beat Ariel in a staring contest about 30 times

  24. bossman12345 says:

    Pardon the iPhone auto correct.

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