25 comments on “Brock Lesnar Re-signs to the WWE Rules out MMA Full ESPN SportsCenter Interview”

  1. Slickk Rickk says:

    So HAPPY Hes Resigned Your Looking At Your WWE Champion For A LOOOONNNGGG

  2. kevin stanfield says:

    selfishly I would love to see Brock have another run in MMA, but I respect
    his decision, it was fun while it lasted, atleast I can still enjoy his
    work in WWE

  3. OSW Review HD says:

    Great to see Brock staying this way we see him a dozen or so times a year
    in WWE instead of maybe 2-3 times in UFC. I’d worry that he wouldn’t be
    around the top of the heavyweight division either. Hilarious my boy Coach
    finished with “do you want to plug Mania this Sunday perhaps?” and he
    replied with “I hated be on the road”.

  4. WWETV - WorldWideEntertainmentTV.com says:

    Good news for WWE and Brock Lesnar!

  5. John Adams says:

    So much potential and he quits MMA to be a fake wrestler. He will regret
    it. He lost his last fight for fuck sake Brock wake up and get back in
    there. Fuck WWE.

  6. Phoenix says:

    Thank you for the real interview! I am so pumped right now! Brock Lesnar
    was my saving grace from retiring from watching WWE in 2012 after
    Wrestlemania 28. He signed his original 3-year deal and I said I would stop
    watching now but I will continue to watch as long as he is there.

  7. Raul Espinoza says:

    My prediction for this Sunday WrestleMania Main
    Event……………………………………. and you winner and STILL,

  8. XTheBigBrockAHolic says:

    Brock lesnar my beast inacarnavour you make me smile like a lil jappanese
    girl thank u m8

  9. Jack52451 says:

    Why go back to UFC to get beat up FOR REAL. When you have it easy as shit
    in WWE you never have to worry about money, rare dates, and the top of WWE
    for as long as you want. 

  10. Yakki Onigiri Zoro says:

    I laughed so fucking hard, “I was born to be an entertainer”..

    – Brock Lesnar 2015

  11. XboxFreak2531 says:

    Fuck yes, now he can have his long awaited feud with Randy Orton.

  12. Jakob Bowman says:

    he is a piece of shit! and hates the business of wrestling and hates the
    fans but loves ! the $ that is all kinds of fucked up!

  13. The Fearless Four says:

    Jonathan fucking coachman!

  14. Ben Dovermen says:

    Theres no way he loses now. 

  15. tom hibbert says:

    Thank God!!! Now PLEASE EVISCERATE Reigns on Sunday!

  16. Vince "Out Of Touch" McMahon says:

    Lesnar was supposed to F-5 the blonde.

  17. JC Korn says:

    Gee Golly, I can’t wait to NOT see the WWE Champion on RAW every
    Part-timer with full time pay….I hate the road….

    If you don’t wanna do the work, you don’t get the pay…..or it was like

  18. Daffy Dell says:

    What a shame. The HW division needs more HW fighters.

  19. Smallafro Games says:

    Or maybe youre just a big fat pussy

  20. 939Batze says:


    Now let Reigns win clean on Sunday.
    Heyman betrays Lesnar and manages Roman Reigns.

    The Crowd at raw will be furious!

    Then at RAW Lesnar comes out, destroys Reigns, then Rollins cashes in.

    Feud between the FACE Lesnar and HEEL Rollins.

    This way, you can build Roman Reigns as a top Heel without him having to
    talk, mabe feud with Orton

  21. D0MiN4T1NG says:

    *The Roman Reigns Disease*
    has even reached brock
    Bwas legitimaly nervous stubbling over his words and everything 

  22. Johny Tricks says:

    To whom ever think wrestling is fake go take a bump on the Matt it’s hard
    wood under that canvas. Yeah its predetermined and script and yeah most
    kicks and punches are fake. Take a knife hand chop and tell me that’s fake
    take a superplex of the top rope come back and tell me it’s fake.. if
    wrestling so fake how did droz get paralyzed by D’lo brown why u think most
    legends is on Walkers or uses a cane or like with hogan dudes has had so
    many surgerys to fix so many things.people say chair shots are fake I
    thought they were fake to until I saw HHH beat the undertaker with the
    chair at wrestlemania28 and left brutal whelps on the Deadman back. Notice
    in WWE they don’t use chair shots to the head no more only the back

  23. Esco2TheMax says:

    Brock is the fucking man!!!

  24. rolling doobies says:

    THE man THE conqueror THE beast incarnate!

  25. KalvinEllis says:

    Brock is a well-spoken guy in real life, perhaps he just never felt
    comfortable cutting scripted promos in front of a huge live audience,
    that’s why he’s always suffered on the mic and needed a mouthpiece. Big
    mistake to reveal the re-signing before the show. It was obvious that the
    crowd was going to cheer for him anyway, but now after they know he stays,
    they will be unanimously rooting for him. With that being said, I really
    liked this interview. It was nice to see Brock so real and upfront about
    everything. I’m glad he stays, I just hope he works at least one more match
    per a year than what he’s been doing since he came back.

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