25 comments on “Bruce Lee vs MMA Fighter [UFC Next Gen]”

  1. MinecraftJz says:

    Doc you have betrayed the PC master race!

  2. Keralis says:

    Bruce Lee! <3 Looking forward to more! 

  3. docm77 says:

    I picked up UFC for the Xbox One. Let me know what you think? Maybe bring
    back Fight Night? #UFC

  4. NikzuHD Themlgpro says:

    Next gen consoles? HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!

  5. Liquid Squid says:

    People will not like watching this because its not fucking minecraft urg D:

  6. Mladen Ivkovic says:

    9:05 look at the referee lol

  7. sirdavva says:

    Haha you picked the fight that would never happen in real life Doc, Cain VS
    DC, his team mate. DC went down to LHW just so he wouldn’t have to face
    Cain to try and win a titel ^^

  8. Daniel Donas says:

    Doc I must say your sound effects are the BEST! XD I thoroughly enjoyed
    watching this!

  9. Imtheonly eboschy says:


  10. 62longhorns says:

    current gen*

  11. royalblue121 says:

    Yes! More fight night!!!!

  12. JoeShmo808 says:

    doc’s commentary is gold

  13. UnPleasantUkGamer says:

    Haha loved this 

  14. Truman Hanks says:

    I want one of docm77’s vids to revolve aroun d him saying the word

  15. qfc1313 says:

    Can we please stop calling it “Next Gen”. All the consoles are out now,
    they are now the current gen. 

  16. Alexander Skowron says:


  17. skaruts says:

    Meh, Bruce Lee was faster than this…

  18. Raul Ansbach says:

    Doc, do you have a PS4?

  19. Oisher 11 says:

    1st comment

  20. John Ellis says:

    yes yes yes yes yes keep going with ufc

  21. mafruhausa says:

    awesome video doc! im first guys :D

  22. GraverFILMS says:

    They added Bruce Lee just to sell their game, Bruce was too humble to enter
    a ring and you wouldn’t catch him in this scenario if he were still alive.

  23. Liquid Squid says:

    YES UFC :D

  24. Robert Blazer says:

    If you could do a make your own player mode with a career, I think there
    should be one modeled after doc

  25. Awesomegamer9 says:

    Don’t bring back fight night :/

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