25 comments on “Brutal Women’s MMA Knockout!”

  1. OaklandAsTurtleFanLA says:

    I ran out of my house, ran to the park and dunked a ball, went to the hospital and birthed 3 children, finished college right quick, apologized to my mom for being a bad kid, and kissed my turtle in the mouth all in a minute and 40 seconds! DAM that was a hard left!

  2. dominickjwinters says:

    Dropped!!! Like a bad habbit

  3. tom wut says:

    homeboy u dont know mma

  4. alliencedful says:

    look at how the chick is built, jesus!

  5. alliencedful says:

    No you didn’t. Americans and Brazilians are by far the most prolific nation when it comes to mma, Japan third.

  6. al4ever349 says:

    hey are you guys sure that’s not a ladybody? Way to knock out a women, that way she wont be complaining about doing the dishes next time, lol.

  7. orchoose says:

    At this point everybody is trying everything.

  8. kingof206 says:

    Dam that bitch got a strong hand..

  9. KYCTellEM says:

    Maybe it’s just me I like girly girl so every time I see this I say it’s tucked up especially if the women is very feminine like the one that got knocked out lol

  10. KevinQ says:

    Well they aren’t being forced to, they’re just doing what makes them happy. So I say more power to them.

  11. KYCTellEM says:

    An just been honest bruh I just have sympathy I don’t want to see women participating in violent manly sports like boxing or mma that’s just my opinion. Not saying they shouldn’t everyone should do what ever,

  12. KYCTellEM says:

    An not I just have sympathy for them

  13. Euvari says:

    Nothing beats the Zab Judah knock out.

  14. George Dorsey says:

    Did hear that sound from the last punch to the face? Sounds like something broke.

  15. mars Cubed says:

    All real examples.
    ie, A USA racing driver went around the track on UK TV show ‘Top Gear’ recently.
    Flashy drift cornering etc. but even slower than some studio guests & actors.
    If USA wanted to properly race, it would build more fast roads with hairy corners.

    At least USA has a working F1 track now.
    Next put a motor racing team together that has a chance of not being shamed.
    Easy for USA ad drivers to boast.. Not so easy for USA to get even a single F1 qualifying time.

  16. LetsGetMoneyEnt says:

    “kick to the leg stunned her”??? wtf he talking about she kicked her in the head,,,

  17. jumar1281 says:

    the second punch was completely unnecessary

  18. woofalot13 says:

    Thats like saying when i herd there was a robbery , i new it was a black guy .

  19. Arkayem says:

    Too much idiocy in that comment for my taste.

  20. mars Cubed says:

    Those aren’t motor sports, they’re more like ads driven around by aftershave & tyre salesmen.

    ie, when a real racing driver went to USA from Formula 1 (Nigel Mansel 1992), he easily won the USA Indy car championship in his debut season.

    In Europe, USA is seen as the WW Wrestling of motor sports; hype, ads, idiotic ‘traditional’ cars that never change, except for the ads.
    Sad really, USA used to have good amateur racers.. all fast food workers now.. robbed by 1% inequality & greed cult.

  21. SimonSez83 says:

    two home runs

  22. Antitheist75 says:

    Rick, … Props. How you sit there next to Nikki, with her incredible smile, and still remember to talk, amazing. Great job!

  23. captainCanuck96 says:

    you do know he had two head kick knockouts this year…. both were brutal. plus when he landed the head kick he knocked his opponent out with the kick and then ground and pounded him, get your shit right

  24. FengxianLeTerrible says:

    I must say, that was pretty fcuking badass.

  25. Arkayem says:

    TYT Sports covers all sports eh?

    Where be the motorsports?
    American LeMans?

    Eh? Eh?

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