22 comments on “MMA meets Boxing Velasquez meets Wilder”

  1. fighthub says:

    Cain Velasquez meets Deontay Wilder -MMA meets Boxing: mayweather pacquiao

    Pretty cool huh guys?

  2. Digital Grove says:

    Pretty cool video but if they had to fight for that belt right there on the
    spot Cain is walking out with the belt and the chains. Just sayin.

  3. KoolGNasBlackThought says:

    deontay has no idea what the ufc is lol

  4. Uncle Victor says:

    2 of the greatest current champions walking the earth. 

  5. jimbanzo says:

    cain should wear some mr.T gold to match that belt


    Cain is a silent killer

  7. FightingIsLife says:

    Cain can literally kills this guy in 30 seconds.

  8. Irish Mike says:

    Cain would murder wilder in a fight

  9. Eusi Roho says:

    i dont watch ufc but never heard of velazquez, is he any good?

  10. kheartsify says:

    Would be great to see him move over. Give him a few years training at a top
    camp like Aka would be perfect for him. He’s a great talent. Plenty mma
    fighters have skinny legs lol. Guys like travis brown came with no
    background. Cain is a beast. Top HW 1 or 2 of all time

  11. TheAAP2011 says:

    Cain is fucking huge

  12. boxing fanatiic says:

    love seeing this kinda stuff two good fighters from boxing and mma

  13. Toonses says:

    Who da fucck is Deontay Wilder? If I never heard of him, it means he’s a

  14. TheAAP2011 says:

    Those shoulders 

  15. jnunez0306 says:

    Boxing match-Wilder
    MMA match-Velasquez
    Street fight-Velasquez

  16. bSlimC says:

    Wilder had the biggest orgasm ever over that UFC BELT

  17. jollywolly90 says:

    Cain should have pulled off that T Shirt and shown that tattoo

    shit will get real

  18. bijaya singh says:

    Wilder may KO Cain in 2round

  19. Dylan Gallagher says:

    Would’ve loved to see Cain tell him to fight tyson fury for the #1
    pretender position, and he’ll fight the winner the next time he defends his
    title straight away in the octagon on the same night. The ufc is becoming
    more like the wwe everyday, so you never know.

  20. Gary Miller says:

    If Junior can KO Cain with a glancing shot Wilder would put his lights out.
    Sure Cain could choke him or ground and pound but if Wilder hit him coming
    in LIGHTS OUT!!! 

  21. kazim hussain says:

    Brown pride and the bronze bomber

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