22 comments on “Chan Sung Jung Making $20K/$20K at UFC 163, Cormier vs. Nelson at UFC 166 on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Jesus Rodriguez says:

    man I just hope more promotions like bellator come out so fighters get better payments

  2. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    I know right, how can you compare being conscious to unconscious.

    JDS was coherent and awake, Cain was sleeping like a baby. Glad we
    re on the same page.

  3. GenXXX32 says:


  4. jaguarpaw5 says:

    Cain outboxed jds. and he boxed more than he used his wrestling

  5. jaguarpaw5 says:

    Chill vato cain out boxed

  6. MrPhukYu says:

    Can’t wait for Big Country to knock that faggy ass wrestler the fuck out & shut down this ridiculous hype train… you talk about fat, look at Cormier. LMAO.

  7. MrPhukYu says:

    And Cain got KTFO like a bitch & fought like a pussy ass wrestler the 2nd time… no comparison at all. JDS is the true HW kingpin, regardless of who has the belt. Fuck a pussy ass wrestler.

  8. GenXXX32 says:

    yep JDS got treated like a BITCH… no comparison at all

  9. chriser555 says:

    Chad Mendes was on worse if my memory serves me correctly at ufc 142 in Brazil against Aldo, think he was on something ridiculous like 15k/15k or sumtin similar.

  10. Vincent Brown says:

    Wow, is that really all this guy gets for fighting a top 5 p4p fighter in the world. Lol, that must fucking suck.

  11. SardaukarNo1 says:

    he can only throw bolo punches. and after 1 minute, he’s completely exhuasted. he’s 100 lbs obese. heavy punching bag. jds, mir, werdum (who cannot box), and miocic showed how easy it is to brutalize him. cormier’s gonna finish him. brown, bigfoot, overeem, gonzaga, and velasquez would all beat that fat bastard.

  12. Trapper John says:

    Love Cormier but I think he will look past Nelson and get his block knocked off

  13. Kevin Hall says:

    The UFC fighters pay is a joke. anyone inviloved in a title fight should never make anything less than $80-$1000,000. These guys still have to pay tons to train, travel, living costs, mortgage. Lets just say he wins 3 title fights in one year, he’d make $120,000, people make more being car salesman. The UFC is gonna start taking huge losses once another production starts paying fighters fairly.

  14. DiazByDay says:

    for us it’s a joke, for Dana White it’s like a billion dollars…

  15. Kevin Hall says:

    clay guida shouldn’t even be in the UFC. he’s lost 2 of his last 3 fights, and is the most boring fighter to watch in the history of the sport. Almost all of his fights go to decision, he has overactive footwork and underactive hands. He dances around doing nothing then presses the guy against the cage, drags him down, and humps him till the fight ends. He’s high energy, and low production at all times. He has no power, and is so predictable. I hate watching him fight, gimme a finisher.

  16. JasonThePerson1 says:

    cormier will take it to the ground..That leg humper will be to afraid to trade with roy.

  17. alexthejam says:

    Im not excited about the Aldo fight

  18. JBLAKIE1 says:

    Cain Velasquez wins by way of GnP raping.

  19. JBLAKIE1 says:

    lamas should be fighting over the zombie, but I think hioki beat lamas and quida beat hioki, so clay should be in the title match.

  20. Jade Hendricks says:

    Why use your ground game, when you cannot get knockout ever. ROYNELSON best chin in the world

  21. TysonShehater says:

    20k is a joke I mean he is going to get his ass kicked by one of top pound for pound fighters in the world for 20k! Ufc should be paying these guys way more. Come on why is he getting no PPV points he is in the main event you should get PPV points period.

  22. JasonThePerson1 says:

    Cormier didn’t take mir to the ground,nelson beat mir in a Bjj tourny, but i havent seen roy use his ground game in mma yet.

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