6 comments on “Channel Matt Nass – MMA Draft #1 (Drafting, Part 1)”

  1. contra31 says:

    I agree with blindFremen: blinding beam over relic. It wins games.

  2. TheNatcon1 says:

    Matt Nass! Where are your cube videos? I MISS THEM!

  3. B1indFremen says:

    relic over blinding beam? wtf

  4. flavioal28 says:

    Fullmetal Alchemist taught me that

  5. Carl Benson says:

    The plural is Homunculi, for anyone who was about to Google it.

  6. Robert Williams says:

    I love how you say you should sell these cards as soon as possible cause I just looked up explosives and it is only going for 4 tix and when you looked it was at 12 or so. lol

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