Chester Post Discusses Retirement From MMA

Andy Cotterill of speaks with veteran fighter Chester Post after his loss to Aaron Myers at ECC 15 ‘Carnage,’ in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on Feb 16, 2013. In his almost decade long career as a professional mixed martial artist, Post amassed a record of 7-24-1, and fought a veritable who’s who of Canadian MMA, including UFC fighters Sean Pierson, David Loiseau, and Nick Ring. Post intends to concentrate on his new-found love of the culinary arts, and asks that fans like NENTEH (No Excuses Not To Eat Healthy) on Facebook.

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  1. Josh4478 says:

    His actual record is 9-25-1-1. Sherdog is missing a few. That Nenteh Page is kool. Happy retirement El Fuego, thanks for all the action.

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