25 comments on “Chris Leben Announces Retirement From MMA”

  1. MrEmperor79 says:

    Leben is no Bruce Lee, but he sure as hell is/was a very entertaining
    fighter to watch. he fought his heart out almost every time, and although
    he never won the championship in UFC, he is a great fighter.

    Cheers to him for that.

  2. Michael Buendia says:

    You were one of my favorite fighters TUF1 was the BEST one!

  3. Navid Nilchian says:

    Mad respect Chris Leben!

  4. Jack Goins says:

    Crippler For Life !!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the memories and awesome fights!

    Best of Luck Chris Leben! We’ll miss you 

  5. Thomas Gagne says:

    Good for him. He was the reason I started watching MMA actually. Definitely
    one of the figureheads of the UFC.

  6. TheOoze06 says:

    The UFC should have got rid of him a long time ago to be honest

  7. GR33NM0NK33 says:

    Chris Leben’s most memorable fight, for me, is his fight to overcome all
    adversity. He was dealt a bad hand. The UFC saved this guys life.

  8. lennyhipp says:

    comes off very humble and likeable. great interview

  9. REDMAR1231 says:

    Chris Leben was rocky in ultimate fighter but turned out to be a true
    fighter. Lots of respect.

  10. Laci Pandolfo says:

    To me since I started with TUF. Chris Leden is one of there All-Stars. He
    is ? Gracie. 

  11. Junior tice says:

    leben is drugged off his face in this vid 

  12. sluggz956 says:

    Very humble fighter. Gracious way to call it quits.

  13. johnnyjaaav says:

    Leben was a true warrior. He went out on his shield. Always put on a great
    show. Would be nice to see him in the UFC Hall of Fame.

  14. John F. Kennedy says:

    hope the best for you in all your future endeavors Chris! Mahalo 

  15. DavorNL says:

    Good luck to him. This is the right time for him to retire.

  16. JerkyFraser says:

    Respect. A title was never within his reach but he damn sure entertained
    me. I hope the coaching really works out.

  17. C Thrower says:

    Fuck anyone hating on leben. I watched this guy on TUF and he had had a
    rough life for sure. He was always willing to fight anyone and put on
    amazing fights I’ll always remember at the sacrifice of his own body.

  18. Tony Tony says:

    I am very happy for Chris!! I wish him the best in life. God Bless You
    Chris L

  19. Vamp91887 says:

    A true warrior. I loved watching u fight man no matter who he fought h came
    to bang. Best of luck to u in the future….

  20. milowizard says:

    Much respect to Chris Leben, he has a true warrior’s heart and fought 100%
    through adversity both in and out of the Octagon. He provided so many
    memorable moments and gave MMA fans fight after fight of pure excitement
    and enjoyment. I can’t emphasize enough how grateful and appreciative I
    feel for the privilege of following Chris’ career since the first episode
    of The Ultimate Fighter. 

  21. shogun123442 says:

    what a cool guy

  22. Michael Campagno says:

    Great fighter!! I will miss watching him!!!

  23. antant06 says:

    A great warrior with a heap of heart. Thank God he retired though, there
    were a lot of new skillsets that UFC fighters have and heart alone isn’t
    enough these days. 

  24. Masen Noriega says:

    chris is the man 

  25. neil phillips says:

    nice chris leben is a warrior a real mans man great wars in the cage

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