25 comments on “Chris Weidman: It’s a ‘Slap in the Face’ MMA Isn’t Legal in New York”

  1. Opal says:

    Chris’ reflections of ‘leaving it in gods hands’ is the fundamental desire
    of religious people. It’s easier to believe in a deity watching over you
    than it is to cope with the reality of existence and to the embrace the
    inevitable death that will take us all. The choice the atheist makes is to
    confront the truth and accept the beauty in being truly mortal. Every
    breath is so sweet when you know that any single one could be your last.
    Embrace your doubts, think for yourself.

  2. SatoruKitaokaa says:

    @ Ron Smith first off, for some odd reason I cant reply to you. 2nd off, I
    like silva, but his arrogance shouldn’t have gotten ahold of em last time.
    I underSTAND he’s trying to play mind games with his opponent’s, but he
    should (& now I think he does) know that he could get caught & well shit he
    did & all hate Weidman for it. Silva fans (most are the goddamn WORST mma
    fans out there) are the worst ignorant mma fans out there, lol. he could
    lose again as anything can happen remember when you said “Penn would
    dominate Edgar?” right, lol GSP would dominate Serra the first fight?
    wow, Rameau sokoudjou (cant spell his first nor last name) vs arona & nog?
    yeah, you said it lol. don’t count ANYone out. even the underdogs because
    thy could very well win. time judges not you. time is always right. your
    ignorance is laughable though keep on :). seriously, it is :).

  3. Remi Onifade says:

    Down to earth guy, shame he’s fighting my favorite fighter.

  4. james yay says:

    its funny how mma isn’t legal in new york because new york city cops always
    take more lethal ways than mma moves to attack citizens and even in some
    cases it is simply for the fact the citizens pulled out a chocolate bar or

  5. Ramon Vasquez Jr. says:

    I like Chris Weidman but he sounds like a big baby sometimes. He can’t
    formulate words and even what comes out of his mouth sounds somehow above
    his head as he says it. Lol.

  6. felipemaiden13 says:

    The only thing that sucks about Weidman being a champ is the fanboys. Shut
    the hell up guys, stop making predictions and saying who is better. Silva
    is a living legend, you liking him or not, and Weidman is probably the most
    complete fighter in the division (even Silva stated so), but with a lot to
    prove yet. Whoever says that Silva is an arrogant is just too stupid to
    understand his gameplan, something that even Chris understood and didn’t
    consider that as a lack of respect. What worries me is that both guys give
    us a remarkable fight in dezember 28, I don’t wanna see a strange K.O
    again, but two top fighters in their prime giving their best to be the N.
    1. Then it will be clear to me that the winner will be worthy of the belt.

  7. carven2004eca says:

    Chris you are an awesome champion. Thanks for knocking out Anderson. I
    love him sometimes but sometimes I hate him when he starts to clown around
    and disrespect his opponent. It was very satisfying to see him get knocked
    out cold. You have made a legacy on the sport of MMA so early on in your

  8. thequantumvacuum says:

    If i ran the ufc, when new york finally wealcomed the UFC to the state i
    would tell them no, then schedule the event for Newark. I have lived in new
    york city, and it is a cesspool.

  9. nmr20067 says:

    Chris Weidman stop whining about it. Jon Jones is also from NY and he does
    not go on and on whining about it. If happens, it happens, if not who
    cares. You got Chris Weidman day in your county; good for you. But get on
    with your career dude. Jon Jones did.

  10. SuperGooner75 says:

    Like weideman a lot hope he defends his title against silva but please stfu
    about god its not god training its you doing all the hard work so why
    would you leave it in his hands.

  11. SlenderMan92 says:

    Did Ron Smith really just say that “Silva fans are the most knowledgeable
    fight fans out there”?

    If so are you fucking kidding me, these “Silva fans” believe the fight was
    fixed, believed that Silva couldn’t be defeated despite being defeated 4
    times before to the Chris KO, Believed that Silva couldn’t be knocked out
    despite being knocked out in boxing and rocked by “pillow fist” Chael

    Ok I have just read the rest of Ron Smiths comment and I am utterly mind
    boggled, it’s not even worth replying to. I may not be Silvas biggest fan
    however respect him for his skill, I hate to say it but he’s obviously in
    the top 5 Greatest of All Time.

  12. Krish tyson says:

    he is good guy but i want anderson to win 

  13. skody211 says:

    it’s Normal”!!”

  14. onv says:

    Weidman doesn’t look fat during camp = he’s gonna rape silva

  15. Bruce LeRoy says:

    I think it’s funny MMA isn’t legal in New York. That’s great news for us in
    California. Keep MMA in Vegas.

  16. ecdctech says:

    Chris Weidman is really Long Island 

  17. Jimmy Huynh says:

    chris weidman looks like superman. 

  18. Matt Fenn El says:

    Wow, can I watch one damn video on YouTube without seeing comments about

    c’mon now. . .

  19. Janick says:

    Chris Weidman is a fake champion

  20. xXxGr33N3RxXx says:

    I’m pretty sure they allow kickboxing in new york what makes mma worse then

  21. Seb C. says:

    Chris gonna KTFO silva again

  22. James Alan says:

    Kinda blows my mind in a city that use to be the murder capital doesnt
    allow a contact sport pretty damn pathetic actually thats just me

  23. mohammad haq says:

    wow i want to know where chris trains in newyork!! it would be an honor to
    go to his gym and train!

  24. JuKa3177 says:

    I cant wait till this tool gets KO’d so his 15 mins of fame will come to an

  25. henrysto says:

    Did Weidman just preach YOLO?

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