5 comments on “Chris Weidman Talks MMA in New York: “It Comes Down to Dirty Politics””

  1. i3enjaminMusic says:

    Yes. New York is big.

  2. Truth18x says:

    i get NY is big and everything but people overreact to this stuff

  3. mikejafo1 says:

    John McCain, past presidential front runner and Senator from Arizona said he would close down MMA! Guess he got sidetracked with obama!

  4. Bobby Cullari says:

    The union thugs don’t like getting their hand slapped. No matter.
    MMA will eventually be legal and regulated in NY. And the culinary union will NEVER be a part of Zuffa.
    UFC events will continue to take place, and cities hosting these events will make money. The union thugs are only hurting NY – not the UFC or their Non-Union fighters.

  5. Dudewithangerissues says:

    Frankie Edgar

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