1. Philip DeFranco says:

    R.I.P Robin Williams :/

  2. DeadpoolAndFriends says:

    No Phil. It is complicated, but Suicide is the most selfish thing.

  3. justatrolling says:

    I hate it when he does the tobuscus voice

  4. ASMR Angel says:

    My favourite Robin William’s movie is by far Jack but I also love Fern

  5. erikponciano says:

    63 years of temporary problem.

  6. DefectiveKill says:

    I dont fucking care if some wealthy famous guy killed himself. Especially
    when the guy did fucking coke. 

  7. N*E*R*D* says:

    She couldn’t walk or talk, but she could run out of the house and hop a
    fence?? Hmmmm…

  8. TheEpicNinja says:

    The basic story is that a girl got beat up by her abusive boyfriend. Women
    are stupid for seeking out douchbags. If you date a douchbag, more than
    likely that’s going to happen to you.

  9. Tober Tobias says:

    Call of duty sucks…… It has begun…. 😉 ehehehe

  10. Robert Herrera says:

    I’m calling b.s. on the testimony of the friend of that guy that got shot
    by the cop. I just don’t see a cop pulling over just grab a guy and then
    kill him out in plain sight, just like that. Come on… really? Who’s
    buying this?/? 

  11. MrFlamesFan12 says:

    War machine is such a douche. I don’t care who you or what you do but if
    you hit a woman, to me you have lost your manhood. I really dont know how
    Mack would have those kind of injuries if War machine was “defending
    himself”. I hope that son of a bitch gets put behind bars and never sees
    the light of day again. 

  12. Gabe Tinge says:

    Jumanji hands down. I watched it hundreds of times as a kid.

  13. Meghan S says:

    I feel absolutely awful for Christy Mack. No matter what happened, and I
    choose to believe her story, she was obviously beaten so horribly and
    violently. I really hope she recovers quickly and doesn’t suffer long term
    for what happened. 

  14. Tiago22Splitter says:

    Yeah, no. Suicide is still selfish, especially in the case of celebrities.
    Hundreds upon thousands upon millions of people struggle and fight through
    so much worse to provide themselves and others around them with a happy
    life. I feel absolutely horrible for the people around Robin Williams and
    those that cared about him, but the guy can rot for all I care.

  15. Daniel Marquez says:

    Changing my comment: I think people should have more respect for cops. I
    also think being a cop should be a well paid difficult job to get. I think
    bad cops deserve to be punished more severely than regular citizens. There
    should be very little repercussions for using a tazer to encourage more
    tazer and less weapon usage. All cops should have a chest mounted camera.

  16. AgentMonkeyzz says:

    War Machine has always had metal issues, Christy is rumoured to been caught
    having sex with another man and War Machine proceeded to bash both people
    involved, now Dog the Bounty Hunter is tracking the wanted man and both War
    Machine and his brother have threatened Chapman and his family… 

  17. ColtonsGT says:

    Hands Down Ms. Doubtfire was my most favorite Robin Williams Movie.

  18. FR4NCH3K says:

    Even if what that boy says is correct, it doesn’t change the fact that they
    not only broke the law but disobeyed an order from a cop that would’ve not
    only deescalated the situation but would’ve also put them on the right side
    of the law.

  19. Jin GW says:

    if he committed suicide.. then he failed to me.. he was a great human while
    he lived.. 

  20. Erika May says:

    I’m very shocked at the amount of comments on here that seem to be
    advocating abuse. I’m ashamed at my fellow Americans to be quite honest. A
    man has a right to defend himself but there is a clear difference between
    self defense and abuse. 

  21. JetlinerX says:

    +Philip DeFranco Thank you VERY much for revising your stance on suicide
    being selfish. As someone who has struggled with depression for my whole
    life, and have only gotten worse — it’s nice to realize it’s starting to
    make some sense to society, and that it’s NOT something people do for
    themselves, it’s something people do because we TRUELY dont know what else
    to do.

  22. David Barnes says:

    My problem with the Mack story is she said there was another guy and WM
    made him leave. Well why the fuck didn’t that dude call the police???

  23. MysteryPerson852 says:

    “I beat a porn star so hard she can’t walk but it was all self defense I

  24. DXmaxair says:

    It’s crazy how it’s always the successful rich people who commit suicide.
    You never hear of people living in the hood or starving children in Africa
    killing themselves. Don’t take this for insensitivity plz. I love robin
    Williams. He was one of the few comedians who was funny for such a long
    time. #gonebutnotforgotten

  25. AussieVR4 says:

    Think about it like this. You hit 40 the find out you have been raising
    some other mans child. You’ve loved, supported and nurtured another mans
    child. That whole time the other man and your supposed “wife” have been
    laughing behind your back. Bitch deserved what she got. 

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