18 comments on “ChuckNorris: Bruce Lee & I would have done well in MMA”

  1. Diogo Matias says:


  2. renzokata says:

    Yeah Chuck would have done well in MMA. He had especially well kicks. Very
    tough guy, even at 70! Of course Bruce Lee would have done well. He would
    have gotten inside of all of their heads and beaten them all. Bruce was a
    lot like Anderson Silva and liked to play with people. That’s what all of
    his strange battle cries are. It’s psychological.

  3. rocked30 says:

    Man, I knew his voice sounded so similar to someone in MMA. Matt Hughes
    sounds just like him, an uncanny resemblance. 

  4. hector risario says:

    Never thought of it that way… 

  5. Mareks Perkons says:

    he looks good for 74 yr old

  6. mquirk00 says:

    I loved him in that comedy Walker Texas Ranger. Unforgettable gut busting

  7. mervyn etienne says:

    Nice one Chuck

  8. Champion Heart says:

    Good message

  9. Steve Hodson says:

    74!! Holy crap, I want some of what he is on!

  10. TheWhite Lazarus says:


  11. Anfernee Garcia says:


  12. v2penny says:

    Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that’s why there are no signs of

  13. NoMansLandProduction says:

    wow, how ironic that this was just uploaded, i needed this.

    Thanks Chuck! your the man!

  14. Kevin Ozoria says:

    Chuck Norris is so humble and a great actor. Pretending his name is Carl
    instead of Chuck, haha. Pretending he was shy. Dude single handedly ended
    WW2 when he was born…

  15. rollopoloboy says:

    He needs to be on Joe Rogan Podcast.

  16. KOking3030 says:

    Inspiring!! Thanks Chuck!!!

  17. LadyGagaChannelVideo says:


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