16 comments on “Closed Stance & Open Stance Basics | Kickboxing MMA TMA”

  1. Rustik says:

    Nice explanation. I’ve always said that the relation between orthodox and
    southpaw are a little more complicated/strategic than left/right handed

  2. dazzelya says:

    I’m right handed but also prefer southpaw. I’ll switch between orthodox and
    southpaw (efficiently) depending on what I’m going to do whilst sparring
    but I move most comfortably in southpaw. I do however mostly stand orthodox
    whilst working on a heavy bag for some reason. :)

  3. MURDR63 says:

    Southpaw master race checking in

    There’s a reason orthodox fighters fear us!

  4. HeavenlyDismay says:

    lol super basic

  5. Josh B says:

    Hey kwonkicker I’m interested in starting martial arts what do recommend
    muay thai or taekwondo? Thanks 

  6. Arnond35 says:

    What are the pros and cons of open vs. closed stance? 

  7. Alfred Taylor says:


  8. Lightning1ab says:

    1:05 that switch tho…

  9. John Johnson says:

    so i hope you are still here.
    Keep up your videos with tips and by the way,
    the fighting analysis is priceless(so continue it!)
    And of course, thank you!

  10. Niajhay Watkis says:

    This is interesting information to me because i change stances.

  11. TheTmnt1fan says:

    So in closed stance would it be harder to do basic kicks like a front kick
    or back kick or would it be the other way around

  12. binaya thapa magar says:

    I am a great fan of you kwonkicker.
    And shane you are a really good fighter.

  13. SuperDupeeTV ▐ ♥ WATCH MY VIDEOS ♥▐ says:

    Nice thanks keep up the good work.

  14. Czw24Mex says:

    I want learn new moves…

    thats for noobs, who dont know how is it the closed and open stands.

  15. Czw24Mex says:

    fight dude !!!!

  16. binaya thapa magar says:

    i am a great fan of you both guys specially kwon kicker.

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