25 comments on “CM Punk Talks WWE, MMA, Brock Lesnar, Royal Rumble and More”

  1. barrelrolldog says:

    this is a bit of a joke how they threw d bryan under the bus. go back to
    interviews before the 18 sec mania match he had, he has said many a time
    where he got the yes from. he even talked about doing a yes cartwheel with
    one interviewer.

    sorry ariel but that was slightly bullshit. 

  2. cosmingZzZz says:

    Diego should catch up with that Daniel guy and confront him, just for a
    little scare. 

  3. D. Almeida says:

    23:29 is absolutely true! and i mean it in a sense that it applies to
    everyday life. An “idea” is always stolen or taken from something else. 

  4. Hamza Hussain says:

    CM PUNK to HELWANI: You Are Such A Journalist.

  5. daniel florio says:

    Cm punk is the best

  6. Thomas Marullo says:

    Undertaker’s Urn on the counter > *

  7. Andrew Gower says:


  8. Fred Grapefruits says:

    Sorry but you’re no Macho Man.. DIG IT!!!!

  9. Moto News says:

    helwani … such an awkward jew … why do people want to watch painful???


  10. CombatSports4Life says:

    U will never see a ufc fighter with a house like that

  11. Robert Frausto says:


  12. D. Almeida says:

    the ultimate warrior is in the hall of fame now? wasnt there a huge beef
    between him and vince? 

  13. mstews says:

    Seems like a good dude. 

  14. HBKCommish says:

    I can’t stand watch Ariel do wrestling interviews. The guy starts throwing
    in his opinion when he has no idea what he’s talking about. WWE has misused
    Punk? CM Punk has lost no more than a handful of matches in the last couple
    years. He is still booked like a top star. Just because he isn’t fighting
    for the title all the time, doesn’t mean he is being misused.

  15. kturl87 says:

    CM Punk is a very down to earth, real dude. Loved the interview.

  16. Alvaro Gonzalez says:

    Brock LESNAR

  17. Kenny Powers says:

    CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar in UFC, now imagine that…WOW! 

  18. george vela says:

    MMA is real, WWE is show, that´s the difference…

  19. BeanoSmokinAce says:

    Cm punk best in the world 

  20. JGD1985 says:

    Fighters and pro wrestlers were borrowing lines from each other before most
    of us were even born! 

  21. DynastyFPS says:

    Or the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Can’t tell, but either way I commend

  22. Dave says:

    I like CM punk, He is a strait shooter, he tells i how it is. He does not
    care what people think. I dont know if i could call him the best in the
    world. But i can not say he is not.

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