10 comments on “Conor Mcgregor Leading the Irish Invasion in MMA”

  1. Jack Hodson says:

    Kenny is a dick probably never been to ireland

  2. rampagedm51 says:

    Go on connor u fkn legend man bring more wins home EIRE

  3. EBTerriers says:

    Nothing wrong in that .

  4. Nick Cade says:

    You gotta love this guy

  5. Breebreekid says:

    Looks pretty gd

  6. MrMaggiebishop says:

    He is a good feathetweight i jus hope to see him get humbled. I was rooting for my boy Max Holloway but he tries to be this Anthony Pettis protege and holding back his actual chance to win the fight.

  7. Omar Correa says:

    This guy is now my favorite feather weight

  8. madrileenboy says:

    Lol ned noodle

  9. urlocaldumbguys says:

    Darn, McGregor is huge now

  10. blanco420 says:

    “Irish American’s” have so much pride in a country that 99% of them have never stepped foot in.

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