Conor Mcgregor Leading the Irish Invasion in MMA

Conor McGregor has put Ireland on the MMA map with his performances in the UFC and he is just the beginning.

10 comments on “Conor Mcgregor Leading the Irish Invasion in MMA”

  1. Jack Hodson says:

    Kenny is a dick probably never been to ireland

  2. rampagedm51 says:

    Go on connor u fkn legend man bring more wins home EIRE

  3. EBTerriers says:

    Nothing wrong in that .

  4. Nick Cade says:

    You gotta love this guy

  5. Breebreekid says:

    Looks pretty gd

  6. MrMaggiebishop says:

    He is a good feathetweight i jus hope to see him get humbled. I was rooting for my boy Max Holloway but he tries to be this Anthony Pettis protege and holding back his actual chance to win the fight.

  7. Omar Correa says:

    This guy is now my favorite feather weight

  8. madrileenboy says:

    Lol ned noodle

  9. urlocaldumbguys says:

    Darn, McGregor is huge now

  10. blanco420 says:

    “Irish American’s” have so much pride in a country that 99% of them have never stepped foot in.

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