25 comments on “Cooking With MMA Love Birds Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry”

  1. Ninjudo says:

    Wait if she’s 22, and he’s 35 and they’ve been together for 5 years you’re
    telling me ….wait what? 30 and 17 jesus christ pat……

  2. GrapplerMaster says:

    Not trying to sound like a dick, but how would anyone know you guys are
    together? hell I only know like 2 people irl that even know what MMA stands

  3. Nuke ISIS into oblivion says:

    eww they drink budscheisser 

  4. I Love You says:

    chicken is a better choice. if you eat pigs, you might start looking and
    smelling like one.

  5. alleycatufc says:

    Rose, and Pat do a much better cooking breakdown than Eve “Torres” Gracie,
    and Rener Gracie

  6. thevalleycartel says:

    Pat’s one lucky dude haha. Thug rose is awesome. I think she’s a Tupac fan
    too and that’s pretty cool

  7. Kevin A says:

    Best MMA couple, they’re far more interesting than Miesha and Bryan 

  8. Nick Lawrence says:

    pat casual dropping in that he loves the underaged pussy.

  9. Joshua Wilson says:

    Been together since 5 years ago, Pat likes that underaged pussy lmao. Cute
    couple though 

  10. fas bah says:

    now that’s a Manwich

  11. Webtropro says:

    I think Rose and Pat are an excellent pairing. Their happy relationship
    makes the people posting snide remarks look lonely. Thanks you guys for
    sharing your Valentines Day stuff with the world and ROSE – Carla Esparza
    is talented but unexciting. The division needs you as champion. Win some
    fights, secure a rematch and fulfill your UFC destiny. :)

  12. SuperSaiyanBlast says:

    wish my chick would be as fun as she is. My chick is so boring :(

  13. Jeremey Allen says:

    In love with Rose!

  14. I Love You says:

    that’s an awesome 90% vegan dish :)

  15. ROFL cast says:

    Kind of a weird title to hood, but they are definitely the cutest couple in

  16. excelx213 says:

    5 years eh… been pounding her since she was 17… very interesting….

  17. theRealSep says:

    I think its because pat is like a child u know 😛 and rose has the same
    humor as pat where the love come ! 🙂 its what ever when you really love
    you :)

  18. GrecoRoman123 says:

    They look like they have Down’s syndrome in the thumbnail. Come to think
    of it, they look like they have Down’s syndrome in parts of the video too.

  19. Maas Vontenegro says:

    Forget all the fancy kicks and subs Rose, nail dat wrestlling until you’ve
    mastered it like GSP ( he wasnt a wrestler growing up).

  20. Rallisport says:

    Someone needs to give Pat Barry a sitcom. That dude is hilarious.

  21. redjack9999 says:

    Crazy kids in love. LOL what a pair of goofballs, perfect match.

  22. bef150s says:

    Would love to see pat go into entertainment

  23. micky mcfarts says:

    1:55 que the 1970s porn intro

  24. Nug zulla says:

    lmao you guys need your own cooking show!!!

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