25 comments on “Cormier: ‘I’m looking to rid MMA of Jon Jones’”

  1. I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct. says:

    This spongebob looking baboon needs to be tamed! Please spinning elbow this
    faggot back into slavery Jon!

  2. sandysanchez4 says:

    Is there a more anticipated fight than this? This beats Silva/Sonnen II and
    Silva/Weidman II in my opinion. Two undefeated fighters in their prime,
    winner could arguably be the GOAT. I predict DC by decision, he will be
    able to put Jon on his back for 4 of the 5 rounds and hold him on the cage
    at other times. It won’t be pretty but it will be enough. Then the UFC has
    a true undefeated undisputed light heavyweight champion.

  3. Chris Aiken says:

    WARNING: Jon Jones will try to win the fight with cuts. I mean literally
    trying to cut up Cormier’s face so bad, they’ll have to stop the fight
    because of cuts! 

  4. waalex11 says:

    DC to be new champ! You’ve heard it here first. #andthenew 

  5. Tej Parker says:

    The fact that DC fought at heavyweight and was dominating dudes makes this
    so interesting. Im a Jon Jones fan but I almost want to go with DC on this
    because he’s a giant slayer. He dont have a reach advantage over his
    opponents he just out work them.

  6. AndersonSilvaFTW says:

    who knew kenny florian would be such a bad ass tv host :)

  7. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *Cormier: ‘I’m looking to rid MMA of Jon Jones’*

    Daniel Cormier sits down with Kenny Florian to discuss his upcoming
    championship bout with Jon Jones at UFC 182.

  8. Lildrummerboy714 says:

    Man how I would LOVE to see DC humble JJ, but I just can’t see JJ losing
    for some reason. I would love to be wrong though. If anyone has a good shot
    it’s DC!

  9. feras ahmed says:

    trust me daniel you will also cry on january 3. # andstill

  10. brad kirsch says:

    Chael sonnen 2.0

  11. Samir Al Asmari says:

    He says big words ,, but to be realistic, DC will lose from Jones probably
    Jones will stop him .. I hope I am wrong because I like DC. I think he will
    not be the same again after losing to Jones 

  12. SmoothS says:

    I like both of them, but DC talks waaaaay too much.

  13. ykw says:

    DC’s a tough dude, but I just don’t see him getting through Jones’ reach.
    Sure he can bull rush in, but Jon is deceptively strong with a high fight
    IQ to nullify. I think Cormier’s in for a rude awakening and if it goes to
    decision, it’ll be similar to the Rashad Evans fight. Regardless, can’t
    wait for Jan 3rd!

  14. BRAD TURNER says:


  15. Kristov Asunciou says:

    lol cormier could barely say that last part with a straight face. going a
    little far with the hype job DC lol shit is hilarious tho. rid mma of jon
    jones rofl

  16. kramer911 says:

    we are all with cormier!

    war cormier!

  17. VNESTRADA13 says:

    Jon Jones is my favorite fighter, like him or not he’s great to watch once
    he fights and everybody who dislike him… In the future all you guys will
    say he’s a legend and say nothing but great things about him just like
    Muhammad Ali.

  18. Spencer Martinez says:

    Apart from a well placed or lucky shot and some follow up I don’t see how
    Jon can win this fight.

  19. Robert King says:

    Well that escalated quickly…

  20. WYD WOOKIE says:

    Small reminder…DC is Cain VO-LA-SKEZ (sorry too easy) main training
    Just saying.

  21. Qasim ANwar says:

    Jon Jones will win via sub (titty twister)

  22. koko1914 says:

    i really hope daniel wins… jones is such a douchebag

  23. Nimz1203 says:

    I was a Jon Jones fan before he didnt fight Chael Sonnen on a weeks notice.
    If you are truly the champ than you will fight anyone at anytime, shout out
    to TJ Dillashaw for showing championship skills.
    I dont like Jon Jones as a person but I really do think that he is a great
    fighter that he will dominate this division and go on to HW and become

  24. Jason Crimzy says:

    Jones is gonna demoralize this turd.

  25. Markiss Stevens says:

    That’s pre elbow talk I’m going to enjoy watchin johnny bones beat the
    brakes off this cornball

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