25 comments on “Crazy WOMENS MMA Knock Outs”

  1. Nestor Diaz says:

    in the minute 1:01 i think the fight is Chris Cyborg vs Yoko Takahashi,
    that fight doesnt exist, I´ve been looking for that fight and i can´t find
    it, do you have it The Blakness? please upload the fight, that is the only
    win by UD from Cyborg, thank you !

  2. rxt472634 says:

    pfft women’s mma.

  3. Superformance72 says:

    Cyborg was 145 pounds of human growth hormone, she is and will always be a

  4. SofiiTaLoca says:

    Fuck u Rik jelouse that a girl can be stronger than u

  5. Rik KZ says:

    fuck you………=)

  6. yajo891 says:

    Shut up please.

  7. LeeeWai says:

    Fuck man, this bitches would fuck me up badly….

  8. Mike Larson says:

    win or loose these women are amazing. wow.

  9. TiTHen zx says:

    very beautiful…

  10. judoka753 says:

    Hm..they some pretty bad bitches

  11. Luis Ramirez says:

    she is the best female fighter around the world cyborg sorry but ronda
    rousey doesnt have a chance whit her

  12. Luciferum says:

    Because it’s real hard to come across someone who loves rough sex, right?
    Guess you’re one of those stuck-up girls with icy caverns for vaginas.

  13. keyboard kid says:

    I was watching the ore fight video and such and the men just talk and say ”
    yeah I’m better I’m gonna win” women say ” she doesn’t know what’s coming
    I’m gonna knock her out she thinks I’m just some s all thing etc.” woman
    are more vicious

  14. Darryl Edington says:

    Wait till you see what they do to you in a divorce.

  15. Darryl Edington says:

    Why cats beat dogs.

  16. laxpaint says:

    Any random man vs any random women (same weight)… man wins 10 out of 10.

  17. trisixtil06 says:


  18. MadeAUsername says:

    You tell one of these women to get their ass into the kitchen, next thing
    you know, you’re on the menu. Reality sucks………

  19. Wayne brydie says:

    some tough women there

  20. Gladiators Academy of Lafayette says:

    Let’s give it up for the women in MMA who are displaying some amazing
    skills all over the world!


  21. vanamdon13 says:

    i pissed myself laughing at “women flat out bring it, support womens mma”
    DONT even know why it just made me laugh.

  22. EcoDimension says:

    2:46 did she break her arm?

  23. StarkeRealm says:

    5:12 what a WAR.

  24. michael truthson says:

    ok the fucking refs in these videos are idiots are you serious they damn
    near watch the women get their asses killed before stepping in to stop the

  25. ilikeforks says:

    You boys leaving sexist remarks make me laugh. You have actively clicked on
    this link, did you even bother to watch it? Or just head straight for the
    comments? Does it annoy you that you’re a weak ass excuse for a male and
    these women would put you in hospital and you’d be powerless against them?
    You are pathetic. Let me search your name in UFC, Pride etc. If you’re not
    a pro fighter like these women, you can’t talk shit about how you’re
    stronger/better than them.

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