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  1. psytanto says:

    Yeah man, keep up the good work. Through Robin’s breakdowns; I now am able
    to watch the fights with a new set of glasses. Understanding the minute
    detail of set ups in the ground game, identifying change of stance, feints,
    side steps and level changes in the stand ups adds to the excitement and
    brings a higher level of anticipation to the game. Most of MMA medias out
    there are like TMZ. Take the Swanson vs Stephens for example; all Ariel
    Helwani talked about is Cub’s post fight interview “I don’t beg” not once
    did he mention any details in the fight. If the media doesn’t change from
    superficiality to the appreciation of beauty of pure sport; casual fans
    will never become a hardcore fan. Worse yet, they will become the “Brittany
    Spears” hardcore fan of MMA.

  2. liamsi75 says:

    The question is where the technical analysis can be broadcasted ?

    In the fox show : There’s already a small segment.

    During the PPV event :Too late, people already bought it or not.

    During the “Road to the octogone” documentarys : there’s no room for it.

    Make a new technical show of 20 or 30 minutes : Only hardcore fans will
    watch it.

  3. JwVanC says:

    John Ramdeen needs to stop bringing up wrassling everyfucking show.

  4. Brian Alfredo Gonzalez says:

    Dose anybody realy like the fly weights ?

  5. AJ De Fazio says:

    John Ramdeen has to let everybody know he has been Vegan for a week

  6. K131399 says:

    one of the best points robin made awhile back as well as here that in my
    opinion is bang on was that the ufc dropped the ball when they were growing
    their fan base by not going into greater detail about the finer points of
    fighting. kinda hard to do i guess with dana white doing everything he can
    to have every fight be a tank abbott style brawl. its never too late to
    start educating people about fighting but the ufc has more or less
    established a reputation as a meritocracy that rewards fighters for knockin
    folks out exclusively. thats great if you can always have knock out
    fighters, but what if the next era is dominated by the specialist, which
    some people who know what they’re talking about are speculating. kinda
    leaves the door open a bit for a bellator to put on standup wars. i say the
    ufc messed up bad by not attaching some knowledge to the hype. its apparent
    when you watch a metamoris show and realize how little you know about
    things you’ve been watching for over a decade lol

  7. Lopata991 says:

    I like Hunt so much i just hope he won’t get hurt, he is too old in my
    opinion to dodge those overhand rights from roy.

  8. Nick Lawrence says:

    if you like storylines in your sport, watch the wwe. simple.

  9. Timmy T says:

    Rock’n the hair Mr. Black! Look’n grizzly. Your def. one of the best
    commentators in the game……PERIOD. The Fight Network should be at
    least 500k subs. Did you compare Mighty Mouse to Brittany ? Oh snap, no
    you didn’t………

  10. MrWackywilson says:

    good shows again…on a catch up…been away……looking forward to these

  11. Champlol414 says:

    i fuckin love you guys

  12. Cage Riot MMA says:

    The Fight Network – Creating Interest for Fights & Educating Fans on MMA
    Newsmakers: Creating Interest for Fights & Educating Fans on MMA Newsmakers
    http://fightnetwork.com/ – Fight Network’s John Ramdeen & Robin Black bring
    us the latest… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video #MMA @fightnet

  13. Rx Sleep says:

    + Robin Black

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