25 comments on “Cris “Cyborg” Justino Talks About Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm on Inside MMA”

  1. Killa Kam says:

    Ok Tito, take off the wig n drop the accent.

  2. evov monbly says:

    but seriously though, ronda is most def dodging this she-man.. ronda is a
    frightened c#nt running from this beast of a …woa-man!

  3. tony93666 says:

    so Ronda is a ‘fake fighter’ because she won’t gain 10 lbs to cater to
    steroid-face here, but Cyborg is a ‘real fighter’ even though she and
    Tito*facepalm* were claiming it was medically impossible for her to lose 10
    lbs? Hello kettle, this is the pot – you’re black!

    Gimme a freakin’ break… here ya go, how about this: Cyborg and Fallon Fox
    fight each other, no drug testing required.

  4. dabigbody says:

    I don’t know in how many languages can you say that there is NO 145LB
    WOMENS DIVISION IN THE UFC!! This is beyond ridiculous! 

  5. SVTFilms says:

    wait… i thought ronda was a female fighter?

  6. rcfrogman says:

    Rousey is so ugly I learned though that sara mcmann is actually a weak
    fighter but cyborg will kill rhonda.

  7. Cody Adams says:

    She looks like the exorcist.

  8. MaNiAc GAMING says:

    she/he anyone

  9. Nestor Diaz says:

    ronda wants the fight at 135 because she wants to be sure cyborg will fight
    clean!! and if cyborg really wants the fight she must drop to 135!! when
    you are the champion you expect the others do whatever they need to fight
    you!! is that dificult to understand!!


    She sexy

  11. sam Muslu says:

    Androgenic side effects spring to mind……

  12. MykTheOccultist says:

    “Honda, she deedee deedee interview when she’s hat she sayad 145 4 Gina…”

    I know right.

  13. Matt UK1 says:

    cyborg alway talks about Ronda with out Ronda Cyborg is done

  14. kpn5000 says:

    Is Cris a dude?

  15. Kluradick says:

    lol a true fighter dosent caell out a person in a lower wieghtclass

  16. Socrates says:

    Cris no offence but you can’t turn down a fight which she accepted then
    claim she is running from you. Make 135 then you get the fight, it’s that
    simple. You don’t get the fight at 145 because of the whole steroids thing.
    If you want the belt go and get ,it no excuses. Holly holm is a very bad
    match up for Cyborg, i know it’s a muay thai fight but if baars can do that
    to her, an 18 time boxing world champion who is a legit kick boxer will
    light her up. 

  17. Harry Balsac says:

    i would let cyborg sit on my face

  18. fahadkelantan says:

    True fighters take on all fights. Then Justino should challenge Cain for
    the HW belt with that logic. Make 135 or make enough of an impression Dana
    creates a 145 class for her.

  19. JonJonesP4PKing says:

    Cyborg doesn’t beat either of them, but she’d be better off fighting Rousey

  20. rocked30 says:

    Rousey vs Cyborg fight will never happen because Dana does not want
    the possibility of having Cyborg as the face
    of woman’s MMA in the UFC; however,
    I do think Ronda would beat her at 135lb.

  21. noztr263 says:


  22. Jessica Medina says:

    team cyborg bitches!!! she doesn’t run from fighters…unlike rousey

  23. Sigma Spade says:

    thats a man

  24. evov monbly says:

    why is that dude talking about fighting women? that’s messed up…

  25. LKJDFDG says:

    to much roids, its a man

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