24 comments on “Cub Swanson & Timothy Bradley Throw Hands”

  1. Brook M says:

    on one leg

  2. Adam James Emelianenko says:

    Though it was good footage, I’d much prefer to watch them box each other

  3. DK Howler says:

    Cub’s gonna destroy Siver!!

  4. kevindrake714 . says:


  5. SmOk3NDr0 says:

    TB always had heart of champ

  6. phillymuniz says:

    Marquez will ko bradley in october..

  7. fattaheart says:


  8. qaching says:

    cardio wise hell freaking no

  9. Punishment92260 says:

    my hero

  10. Gamekingz0r1 says:

    It’s totally differend therefore you cant say wich athlete trains harder… they both train hard in their own way. A bodyuilder isnt abe to fight for 3×5 mintues because he will gas in the first 2 minutes of the fight and an MMA fighter isnt able to squat 500 pounds for numerous times

  11. GreenandWhite456 says:

    No cardio.

  12. ab3k1nz says:

    fuck off, lifting weights is fun. mma training is pain

  13. kingdaleclarke says:

    Bodybuilders train even harder!

  14. Frank Doberman says:

    an mma work out?

  15. pearlvana05 says:

    Cub is a good guy and an excellent fighter

  16. Vegansdon't Needviagra says:

    look more like raquet ball balls.. squash balls are much smaller

  17. Joseph Mccolgan says:

    What are those balls he is using while doing the footwork drills? Squash balls?

  18. sloter21 says:

    Treymma i bet if Cub went to bradleys gym cub wouldnt look bad. No im not sayin Cub would beat him in a boxing match but Cub seems to be more athletic than bradley

  19. RossMccartan1 says:

    Rocky just has a smelly grey jumper and a chicken

  20. TreyMMA says:

    If Cub went to Tim’s gym he would of been the one looking bad, people would be talking shit about mixed martial artists. Rather than being ignorant, gain perspective both are phenomenal athletes just different athletes.

  21. Gamersportsweed says:

    dude shut the fuck up “Boxers are not Elite” yeah sure only a new MMA fanboy will say that Clown!

  22. Michael Zand says:

    Timothy is a fucking pussy!

  23. bloodcrest007 says:

    Stop hating on Jon. UFC hired him, he’s getting paid, get over it.

  24. shroyuken904 says:

    Bradley wins so many Bullshit decisions

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