25 comments on “Dana White Blasts Sports Illustrated, Next Bout for Nick Diaz, UFC Sponsor Tax on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. xHighDeff says:

    Diaz vs Anderson would be a fucking snuff film. Silva would honestly murder that ugly Diaz cunt

  2. jsaldivar51411 says:

    I would love too see Nick Diaz Vs Robbie Lawler 2

  3. noj moj says:

    Yeah, that fight was bs, GSP looked like shit after the fight, but Diaz looked like he just took a walk in the park, compared with GSP.
    And GSP was just holding for life….Did no damage, absoulute none… but he still won, kinda strange, he did not beat Nick IMO, he just avoided to fight him…

  4. Brian Lahey says:

    Rather see Diaz vs Anderson than a rematch with Weidman

  5. Jason Smith says:

    Yeah, if takedowns weren’t worth so much, Nick would’ve won the 3rd round against GSP (he dictated the direction on the ground and always got back to his feet). When Nick was lighting GSP up and GSP got the takedown, the fans erupted in cheers because they knew he just secured the round.

    GSP himself said that in training he fights like a creative martial artist, but in the UFC he does what’s necessary to win. Improving the rules requires too much effort from the athletic commissions.

  6. Mikey Sherriffs says:

    Why are people still talkin bout this fix bullshit!!! Anderson got caught, he had perfect opportunity to tap 2 kneebar or heel hook ( no i’ll just get ko’d n my head bounced off the floor a few times!), he probably lost more money than anything by losing out on superfights, he’s fought like this (hands down taunting) many times b4, weidman was and is a legit challenge. Anyone who thinks it was a fix is an idiot and shuld stick to pro wrestling. Bring on 28th Dec, Silva regains the title by K.O

  7. oswipee88 says:

    Nick vs Anderson would the fight of the best taunters.

  8. rahowhero says:

    no, they just have mature brains. what evidence is there to suggest dodgy play? opinions of upsett silva nutthuggers and should be wwe fans, dont count. why would anyone throw a fight on such short odds, the rewards would be minimal, that is why anyone sensible and over 12 knows that the fix talk is merely talk.

  9. Insideouterinfotv says:

    cmon lets get it, diaz kos no, diaz rory no (yet) its diaz/maia , bet ya, it makes most sense

  10. Jja67890 says:

    Did these idiots just say mia just lost to koscheck as I remember koscheck got slept by lawlor n mia out fitched fitch

  11. alexthejam says:

    nah you are just a stupid troll,not gonna bother explaining shit to you,have fun with your conspiracy theories,don’t cry when Silva losses the rematch as well

  12. EBHS230DE says:


  13. Bowmanganie says:

    Nick Diaz shows up for fights, unless it is a jujitsu match for charity.

  14. RasOye says:

    “if you actually knew shit,you would have known how Silva’s opponents all played perfectly in to his strengths,except for Sonnen,Weidman”

    🙂 this is epic

  15. noj moj says:

    Yeah I agree mostly, but Did I say anything else pal 🙂
    Tho I think wrestling is one of many MMA teq.
    Its one of the best skill you can have, Imagine some1 beeing piledrived to a concreet floor.
    But I agree, takedowns gets way to much points in MMA.
    Also lay n pray is almost killing the sport. Pride had a very good solution, where they gave fighters Yellow card for lay and pray. (and other fouls)

  16. alexthejam says:

    I was being sarcastic,because Anderson got knocked out because he was cocky like he is in all his fights this time he paid for it! However some people can’t accept that and think that the fight was thrown

  17. 139forLife says:

    Nick isnt ducking shit though

  18. 139forLife says:

    Ive been wanting to see nick diaz vs rory mcdonald

  19. AlwonDomz says:

    Nick is ducking Rory

  20. xArcher24x says:


  21. eddylon1983 says:

    its a catch 22 here, the midget on the right is VERY knowledgeable but its hard to enjoy his wisdom coz his such a camp annoying little cunt

  22. darvlaskie says:

    Nick is probably going to lose and cry about it after the fight

  23. darvlaskie says:

    This is a actually a good fight

  24. samer younis says:

    i like your show but could u please do the news without doing a split !!

  25. Punisher13LukaBoyka says:

    Go home , you’re Drunk

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