24 comments on “Dana White Media Scrum: Union Pests, Crooked Politicians, Shogun Retiring + Machida vs Diaz”

  1. ULTSSXXX says:

    the fuck are you talking about?

    it has everything to do with it. the fertitas did everything they could to keep the culinary unions out so theyve responded by keeping them out of NY.

    lol thats how this whole thing got started.

  2. petelebu says:

    if your employer really dislike the idea of you getting a union, that means you really need one.

  3. ZoobaMaFooProDuction says:


  4. angryameriKun says:

    You can’t even fucking talk, what the fuck is wrong with you?

  5. TopShelf says:

    God, I was hoping the culinary union would keep Chael off the card. I’ve tried to find something to like about Chael’s fights, but I can’t find anything. If I liked WWE antics, I guess he would be entertaining, but that’s all this dude brings to a fight. I mean, he’s a steroid cheat, money launderer, snitch, and he HAS ONLY FINISHED ONE FIGHT SINCE 2007, FOR CHRIST SAKE. That’s a finishing rate of 8.3.

  6. Opal says:

    You feel threatened by his appearance, so you think that he is trying to show off. You are insecure with your masculinity.

  7. sean9080 says:

    Looks like the culinary union has taken it upon themselves to spam everything that has to do with the ufc on here…

  8. sean9080 says:

    This has nothing to do with that…

  9. ULTSSXXX says:

    that link says the fertitas violated labor laws over 82 times and wrongfully terminated employees for union activity.

    i love how its only unions that are corrupt and corp should be able to do whatever the fuck they want.

    how come dana hasnt brought this up? because he thinks and rightly so people will believe anything he says.

    ive been around just a little while and know whats going on. most employers big and small are greedy,heartless cocksuckers.

  10. Peter Reese says:

    Maybe to stupid people.

  11. Peter Reese says:

    Keep telling yourself that Baldilocks! lol

  12. ULTSSXXX says:

    that link proves my point and does not justify their behavior as decided by a judge.

    but im sure someone will say how the unions paid someone off LOL.

  13. ULTSSXXX says:

    hmmmm look what i found.


    some much about the fertitas being great guys lol.

  14. Morepullups says:

    Unions are a group of idiots that drive up prices and send work over seas.

  15. Morepullups says:

    Dana is the man!

  16. cvwm100 says:

    Dana thinks he have muscles and moves his arms thats why so much to show… but show what? Train more Dana and than move you arm to show muscles…. 😉

  17. ULTSSXXX says:

    now youre just making shit up.

  18. ULTSSXXX says:

    thats your interpretation.

    nice try on avoiding my question. and lol at poor lorenzo being bullied. thats hilarious.

    nothing else needs to be said ;.

  19. Bobby Clerici says:

    Bring your evidence to the attorney general - FAST!

  20. ULTSSXXX says:

    and i never said the fertitas were doing anything illegal. i said IF they are preventing unions from joining imo that isnt right.

    but something appears to be going on.

  21. Bobby Clerici says:

    Refusing to allow union bullying is “suppressing union organization”.
    Nothing else needs to be said….lol

  22. Bobby Clerici says:

    Right, workers by law are free to meet, organize and vote to join a union. They must see value in what the unions offer.
    The problem for unions: low value. That’s why union membership in our nation is at a 70 year low.
    Anyway, please don’t believe anything we tell you here.
    Research this on your own; seek truth objectively, then make up your own mind.

  23. ULTSSXXX says:

    because were supposed to live in a society where workers can decide if they want to be represented.

    when in reality corp. will do whatever they can meaning paying lobbyists to make it almost impossible for workers to get a union.

  24. Bobby Clerici says:

    When guys start crying about how tough they are over the internet in addition to name calling, I know I just won the argument.
    Debate over…lol

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