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  1. TYT Sports says:

    Dana White comments on Floyd Mayweather competing in the #UFC! Take a

  2. Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

    I don’t know alot of fighting; But i think if Floyd Mayweather find today
    in the UFC he don’t make it. It is a stupid question to ask. I think UFC is
    the top of fighting. That is what i think ?

  3. nicesneaksatxy says:

    He wouldn’t survive because everybody would know that his striking is what
    he does so everybody with a brain would plan would just to get him down on
    the mat and fuck him up there even the lightest divisions would beat on

  4. Bushy Bush says:

    Against another striker? possibly.. against a grappler no chance. Even with
    striking those who use their legs and elbows efficiently would have a
    massive advantage and just target the legs. 

  5. jodeci parker says:

    No Mayweather wouldn’t survive he would get destroyed like James Toney.
    Silva vs Jones Silva might actually have a chance seeing as Jones is old
    and way past his prime. People are idiots because they forget that mma
    means mixed martial arts Boxing is a martial art so people like Diaz and
    Silva have a possibility of surviving. Rampage would damn sure survive he
    box most of his fights anyway. Same with Brock.

  6. megga0 says:

    Why didn’t show Tim silva get knocked by ray mercer

  7. Carl says:

    WWE is just like a soap, though the falls (and some hits) are real – just
    because you can’t stop accidental hits and you can’t fake a fall (though
    they are trained on how to fall).

    And I think a boxer would have more success in MMA then a MMA fighter would
    have in boxing. Seriously, if you put Mayweather in a boxing ring with ANY
    MMA fighter in his weight class it would be over quick, even with the size
    difference, I think he’d beat Silva if they fought in their prime (of
    course in the octagon Silva would eat Mayweather).

  8. Jiggyj16 says:

    A boxer can’t win in mma,n a mma fighter can’t win in boxing..NOW if u
    train hard for a nice period of time n really dedicate ur self to it,
    anything is possible…

  9. antigravity420 says:

    As much as I have to swallow my pride to say this, the answer is yes he
    could fight mma. People on The Ultimate Fighter show do well in the sport
    and some have only fought for a couple years. Floyd has one major skill
    Striking. He is a natural athlete and could be coached to learn wrestling
    or jujitsu and even kick boxing and learn how to fight in the clinch. Would
    he dominate like Floyd of boxing, no but Im sure he would be UFC worthy,
    Brock Lesnar became a champion with 1 skill wrestling. He wasn’t a stand up
    striker but he was great at one thing and expanded on that into a ground
    and pound fighter. Floyds cardio will be top notch which is a huge key and
    he would fight dudes in his weight class. He wouldn’t be able to duck
    contenders though. He would hire mma trainers just like mma fighters hire
    boxing coaches. Does Freddy Roach teach boxing different to an mma fighter
    than he does to a boxer?

  10. Zeyk Shade says:

    Floyd would get dominated by all but the shittiest MMA fighters in an MMA
    bout. Put the top MMA fighters in a boxing ring and Floyd would absolutely
    destroy them.

    It’s not 100% apples to oranges, but it’s close enough.

  11. music guy says:

    The only way a boxer(or ANY striker) wins is if their opponent chooses to
    stand with them. Super obvious but that’s all it comes down too. Guys who
    can’t stop takedowns don’t go far in the UFC. Guys like Chuck Liddell were
    so good because his takedown defense was amazing and it allowed him to keep
    the fight standing so he could knock people out.

  12. music guy says:

    He said MMA guys don’t take punches very well. Apparently he has no concept
    of how different size gloves change the effectiveness of punches.

  13. Malcolm X says:

    MMA is just a dog fight but I’m a boxing fan so maybe I’m biased. MMA
    fighters have no chins, no fitness, only have about 2 weeks training camps.
    You don’t get undefeated fighters in MMA. A top boxer could beat a top MMA
    fighter in MMA, that is a possibilty. But a top MMA fighter COULD NEVER
    beat a top boxer at boxing. That’s says everything. Boxing is a skill. 

  14. Matt White says:

    A head kick would be easy to land on a guy who never seen it in front of
    him before theres that too. I mean floyd vs speedy guy like Might mouse
    would be a great one.. Fastest hands fight 

  15. Kapado says:

    Damn you’re a Floyd hater bro. It oozes from your soul ,radiates from your
    face. That heritage must go down bitter though. Undefeated !

  16. Karrington Tucker says:

    MMA gloves 4-6 ozs boxing gloves 12-16oz please can Rick not cover combat
    sports . 

  17. Zach Henry says:

    Ray Mercer vs Tim Sylvia ;)

  18. trolljanhorse says:

    In all likelihood Floyd would be a below average MMA fighter. He just
    doesn’t have the grappling to compete in MMA. Not only that the kicking
    aspect of MMA would throw him off. Fighters like Jose Aldo would destroy
    his legs. 

  19. nick farrock says:

    Somewhat biased but I feel a great boxers has a good change of winning a
    mma fight as to where a great mma fighter has no chance of winning a boxing

  20. Hastein45 says:

    People seem to forget that a 48 year old, never been champ Ray Mercer,
    destroyed two-time UFC champion Tim Sylvia in 8 seconds. Regardless,
    Mayweather would not be a champion in the UFC, though it would be highly
    interesting to see him try and maintain his distance with his wonderful
    footwork, all the while trying to prevent takedowns with quick potshots. I
    think he would have a significantly better chance of winning an mma fight
    than many other boxers simply because his accuracy, timing, reflexes,
    and especially speed(could you imagine Floyd`s handspeed with mma
    gloves?) are so great and that gap would be enlarged against mma fighters
    who bulk up. Even though Mayweather is not considered a puncher, he
    certainly would be with 3 ounce gloves on. However, because of his natural
    tendency to counter, he would most likely be taken down and then beaten up.

    The larger point is that, as you alluded to, there doesn`t need to be this
    big rivalry between these combat sports. You can enjoy both and there is no
    need to exclaim which one is better or which one is not. Take them for what
    they are and enjoy them.

  21. jujumen says:

    Always remember anything can happen in a fight.Now having gotten that out
    of the way this is how I see it, given a year to train(avoiding take downs,
    surviving take downs, kick checks) mike tyson has a good shot at beating
    the ufc champ. Given a year to train which ufc champ makes it to round 5
    with Tyson?.

  22. jukijunk says:

    Floyd wouldn’t get murdered, cause he’s going to be running around the ring
    all day LOL

  23. KnightVisionTV1 says:

    mma = stupid

  24. Julian Misic says:

    No! No! No! Of course not. MMA is a sport Floyd has no experience in and he
    would get murdered in the octagon.

  25. Netko Nesto says:

    The main resaon for rivalry between boxing and MMA are boxers. i think they
    are little butthurted because they are not considered the “baddest” people
    on the planet anymore. And rightfully so.

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