25 comments on “Dana White Opens Up About Rampage”

  1. armytaskforce11x says:

    catch weight!?

  2. Adelita Phoenix says:

    This video about him being pissed, and all the media that surrounded it… was before rampage lost his 3rd fight you jackass.

  3. Buff82yrOldMan says:

    whats wrong with whites ear?

  4. Manny Pacino says:

    Fuck Bellator

  5. Clark Richardson says:

    rampage=Ultimate Media Troll. lol wish u luck wherever tho. that last interview wit karyn bryant was super funny at the end too

  6. four8j says:

    Rampage is an mma legend!

  7. HBKCommish says:

    This is why Dana is such a better promoter than most out there. Especially the dude from Bellator (Don’t feel like look up his name) But faced with the same situation Bellator decides to sue it’s fighters if they don’t re-sign. What kind of nazi bullshit is that?!

  8. AssHoleBlaster says:

    Rampage Jackson is pissed because he has lost his last 3 fights, other fights were decision, last fight he won from a KO was 2008. Rampage has no honor, Wanderlei Silva has lost plenty fights but you don’t see silva dry humping reporters, attacking reporters, cursing at reporters etc. Wanderlei Silva has honor, Jackson is just a cry baby,I have no respect for rampage Jackson, and if you are a rampage Jackson fan then I have no respect for you either. 

  9. nataliegreen424 says:

    Good luck rampage in whatever you do!!

  10. Max Murphy says:

    Yeah he used his boxing and wrestling with Ibarra, he outstruck and outwrestled Dan Henderson in a 5 round fight without gassing training under Ibarra.

  11. john doe says:

    he “faded” as soon as he left ibarra.

  12. sagitta262 says:

    well now he’s fading just like any athlete when they hit their 30’s, but come on dude Rampage was a beast in his prime – seems like fans forgot about the war he had with Henderson. Listen, i think the guy is a fuckin prick – he bullies journalists and tries too hard to be funny, but as a fighter? he was pretty fuckin awesome at one point.

  13. Darren Cunningham says:

    rampage is a legend, like it or not. those Pride slams will be remembered long after his death. quit hating, or get more knowledge about MMA. maybe both.

  14. Max Murphy says:

    oops and Chuck Liddell.

  15. Max Murphy says:

    He is a legend right up there with Wanderlei.

  16. cocotiger77 says:

    You use legend way to loosely… Rampage seriously? No. Just no.

  17. dynastoned says:

    i was just about to comment on how dana looks like shit. guess he cleared that up at the end of this video.

  18. Jashan Tangle says:

    I will a;wasy have a place for Rampage in my heart. He is a pioneer in MMA for Black fighters. HE KICKED ASS! he kicked Chuck Liddell bitchass like a dog not once but twice. Love You Rampage! You a great actor dawg and your personality is super magnetic. You will do well at anything you go after other than fighting. Retire Rampage. OK?

  19. sagitta262 says:

    i wouldn’t say Rampage is one of goat, but he’s definitely an mma legend – his epic fight with Liddell in pride was one the best ever – unforgettable for his wars with Wand and his aggressive uncanny strength. Sucks to see him fade like this with his constant complaining to the media and his recent lackluster fights.
    Leaving the ufc will probably just bring him back to that “cult status” he had while in pride.

  20. BBQB0Y says:

    im kinda a mma fan because of rampage, sad to see him leave the ufc

  21. bbs02468 says:

    he is a good business man but he’s an assole.

  22. whoookiddd says:

    Rampage Jackson, one of the greatest light heavyweights of all time.

  23. Elijah Crigger says:

    He doesn’t suck now, he’s better than ever. Rampage was king at a time when most people thought Chuck Liddell was the pound for pound greatest fighter in the world, well there’s no way Chuck Liddell even in his prime could have hung in there with the division today, no fucking chance. It’s not like you’re fighting Jeremy Horn for the title anymore. The game has gotten too big for the old timers. Have some fucking respect. 

  24. aspenaspen says:

    He also made the UFC what it is. If it wasnt for him, MMA wouldnt be as mainstream nor as big as it is. Respect the man.

  25. kalashseriesfull says:

    dana thinks that he has big disease but its a very small issue which is blown out of proportion

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