25 comments on “Dana White Responds to Shields’ UFC Release, Guillard to WSOF on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. kopxpert says:

    Would Bellator take Shields in? They rejected Askren didnt they? Hmm…….

  2. Herb Peacock says:

    they cut Shields because he’s a boring fighter and I agree with it

  3. therealmo says:

    Rampage said UFC stands for U Fight Cheap

  4. Maverik says:

    Ramdeen and robin will suck any sick they can, they have no credibility

  5. ziongite says:

    Robin Black always kisses the UFC’s ass. Sorry but not everything that the
    UFC does is right. Chael vs Jones was stupid, Silva vs Bonnar was another
    waste of time. Bringing Kimbo Slice to the UFC was a waste of time, Making
    a takedown count more than getting punched and rocked is stupid. Saying
    over and over again that Silva is the best fighter the world has ever known
    is stupid. Saying welcome to the Machida era back in the day when Machida
    became champ was stupid. Dana trying to keep Cyborg out of the UFC is
    stupid, Dana saying that Ronda is better than any male fighter is
    absolutely the most fucking stupid shit I have ever heard. Dana back in the
    day agreeing to fight Tito Ortiz in a cage fight and then backing out was
    totally fucking stupid. Dana and the UFC attacking GSP for wanting better
    drug testing was stupid. Making Miguel Torres take “rape sensitivity
    classes” after he made a mild rape joke was totally fucking stupid. UFC
    looking into facebook and instagram posts that happened years ago before
    they were in the UFC and not hiring them because they think they made a
    racist post is fucking the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. Example
    is Tyler Manawaroa, They let him on TUF then the UFC said he isn’t going to
    get a contract because they found a post on instragram he did in 2012 that
    was racist. Are you fucking kidding me?

  6. HydroBud98 says:

    What does $75,000 base pay mean? Does he get paid 75 to show and 75 to win?

  7. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    It has nothing to do with “standing and banging”, it;s about fighting to
    finish. A submission is a finish too. Strikers can be boring too.

  8. dee aldo says:

    Dana it’s full of shit…

  9. ethanh23838 says:

    Dana white is awesome

  10. 44cspence says:

    I like how Robin can give both sides when it comes to business. This is now
    my favorite YouTube show

  11. Luis Castillo says:

    Yea Shield is boring. I rather see Bisping loose and talk his tongue out
    then a boring fight with Shields.

  12. jaydoode15 says:

    I’m surprised Jake Shields’ pay is so low considering his time spent in the
    UFC. Maybe not the most exciting fighter as far as boxing goes, but he had
    great ground game, and a pretty solid record. It just comes to show that
    the UFC is a tough dog-eats-dog business, not even the most experienced
    fighters can make it if their fights aren’t entertaining enough…

  13. Adam Glasgow says:

    The sole reason for shields release is that the UFC are trying to get rid
    of all out grapplers who cannot strike. They dont want to admit it because
    some grapplers are very good fighters and it would be wrong to cut them
    just because a lot of fans find it boring. Thats why they dont want askrin.
    Also why they cut fitch. They will keep maia because he can finish fights

  14. Nick Lawrence says:

    if bellator ever wants to be anywhere near the top of the tree in mma then
    they need to start offering big $ to free agents who the I’d’ve want.

  15. Splenda4ever says:

    Melvin Guillard is very boring snore snore.

  16. Gregory Stone says:

    Robin Black is awesome. Really fit well together.

  17. Chuck Liddell says:

    Any company that tries its hardest to keep out a union and puts that much
    power into so little people is shady! fuck dana white man the dude is on a
    straight up power trip

  18. antonio bradford says:

    Melvin was 2-6 in his last 8 fights he couldn’t win

  19. tucksities24 says:

    Man it sucks that Jake Shields is released. He’s still one of the elite
    welterweights in the world. One thing about the ufc that i don’t like is
    that they’ve edged towards entertainment more than talent. MMA is about
    showcasing whos the better fighter or who has the better style regardless
    of how boring it is to watch.

  20. AKAL1lROB541 says:

    I’m going to have to Agree with John Ramdeen on this one regarding Jake

  21. prfctstrngrz says:

    Paying a top 10 fighter 75K at this level is an insult. Even after all the
    bills are paid, that’s chump change compared to what the UFC rakes-in per

    Cutting a top 10 fighter because they don’t like his style shows how
    corrupt the UFC has become.

    The only thing that is going to stop the UFC’s greed and corruption of this
    sport is a fighters union. When are these fighters going to grow a set of
    balls and organize themselves?

    I’d bus tables or deliver pizza before I’d risk serious injury working for
    that bald cunt.

  22. Danny Shaw says:

    don’t really care about jake shields.. great fighter . kinda boring though

  23. blaze556922 says:

    Why do people think 75,000 AMERICAN dollars a year isn’t good enough? If
    you live within your means that can care for an entire family and still
    have some to save. Most people live on less than 20,000! These guys work
    less than part time even if they fight 4-5 times a year! All athletes are
    overpaid… Even children laugh when here how much more an NBA player make
    then their Dad who works hard. This is the real problem with the world!
    GREED at its finest… Yet Robin thinks they need more…

  24. Tom Dwan says:

    Meh, If the guy on bottom cant get up its their fault

  25. Oliver Souter says:

    tyron woodley vs henricks that would be awesome match hope he beats

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