23 comments on “Dana White Responds to Wanderlei Silva, Johnson vs. Cariaso Criticism on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Matt J says:

    DJ is mad good. He finishes guys and still doesn’t get his respect.

  2. Case Morg says:

    the reason why this card is so stacked is because of the Main Event.. we
    need to thank Chris and Dj for this

  3. MrCurlBro says:

    It kind of upsets me a bit when people still don’t realize how unbelievable
    of a fighter DJ is. He’s been cracked twice by Dodson, so you know he has a
    decent chin at least, has unreal wrestling and is lightning quick with
    kicks, elbows, punches. The guy is a warrior. 

  4. Giovanni Contreras says:

    So basically dana Is an idiot 

  5. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    WTF? Is Danna seriously gunna ban WANDERLEI fucking SILVA ?!

  6. MyIceman12345 says:

    Wanderlei Silva is an MMA Legend not just a UFC guy he should be respected
    by the UFC, look how the UFC have treated Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock
    and Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson and the list just goes on and on and
    common who is in the UFC hall of fame a bunch of friends of the family
    fighters like Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell, Gracie these guys were good
    but I’m my opinion not the best !!!!!!!!

  7. BreezyFoSheezy2010 says:

    We should all know by now that Dana White will tell the media whatever he
    thinks they want to hear

  8. Phil MacMillan says:

    Wow, can either Johhn Pollock or Ramdeen shut the fuck up for a minute and
    let Robin talk….I never complain too much about it but I value Robins POV
    over both of those guys, like come on, what is up with this seriously. I
    hope Robin gets to do commentary gig with UFC or something and moves on
    where he can be appreciated more

  9. bajskorv766 says:

    what do people expect dana to say? yes i need a new jet and mansion so
    screw these fighters we will always under pay them. just like he always
    says we drug test our fighters when anyone that know something about doping
    laugh at the shitty and useless testing they do. u really need to be a
    moron to get caught

  10. Juan Guzman says:

    Wanderlei got banned from navada now his tryin to convince weak minded
    fools he retired because of ufc.

  11. Case Morg says:

    I didn’t think Gina Deserved to be in the UFC., she was a great kick-boxer
    back n the day but her ground was elementary and I doubt she evolved it
    since then.. she just seems un- focused , maybe that translates well into
    acting , i don’t know..

  12. ThatGuy6463 says:

    Maybe because the rest of the fights have star power & a 50/50 chance of
    it going either way. The main event is such a mismatch i mean we though TJ
    vs Soto was bad,this is worse!

  13. dwew dweew says:

    Ramdeen is the best sports analyst ever-
    Said no one *EVER* 

  14. Theseus Moore says:

    Lol wanderlei nut hugger. He’s deserves to be in ufc hall of fame? Lmao he
    has like 3 wins in the ufc. Oh he won 22 straight in pride lol on steroids.
    Whoever this nerd is in the middle get him off your show. Faggot know it
    alls get you no where. Wanderlei one of the best of all time lmfao!!! Sure
    he is. Funny what happened when he came to ufc got ko’ed like 4 or 5 times.
    Dumbass highlight fans crack me up.

  15. KempoKyushoMuayThai says:

    Wanderlei’s UFC record is 4-5. He shouldnt be in the UFC HOF. Pride HOF
    yes. UFC no

  16. RantinRonnie says:

    Robin Black could run that whole show alone..

  17. Hugh Mannity says:

    UFC promoting the undercard more than the main event, thats fucked up.

  18. Caddy Jim says:

    Dana White Is Over Paid With A Net Worth Of A QUARTER OF BILLION & Uses
    He Got Into The UFC On Tito Coat Tails As Manager & Friends Money The
    Fertiatas Billions. he Had Tito Tooken Off Tge UFC HOF & You Can’t Even
    Click On His Name In Most Places. Fighters Are Underpaid & Dana Is Over

  19. Joe Black says:

    Ramdeen is an ass.

  20. Cage Riot MMA says:

    The Fight Network – Dana White Responds to Wanderlei Silva, Johnson vs.
    Cariaso Criticism on MMA Newsmakers: Dana White Responds to Wanderlei
    Silva, Johnson vs. Cariaso Criticism on MMA Newsmakers
    http://fightnetwork.com/ – Fight Network’s John…
    #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video #MMA @fightnet

  21. Rodrigo Mathias says:

    Dana White will never do the right things !!!

  22. LizardKillerAdamLanza says:

    Silva should fight in Bellator or ONE FC FTW!!!!

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