Dana White: Ronda Rousey Smokes You Tito Ortiz at Same Point in Career

www.MMAWeekly.com — Usually, UFC president Dana Whit doesn’t like to talk about numbers, but he went off the wall to express how Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche headlining UFC 157 — with little promotion — already sold 0000 in tickets. White went on to express how much new media that Ronda Rousey is attracting… which he says is more than any other fighter in UFC history.

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  1. ElGUIRRILLERO1 says:

    listen when women go in public talking about their sexuality and sexual preference it makes them bitches and sluts its inappropriate and unlady like skanky if you will , and i’m just saying womens mma is not lady like. and boxing is discipline of body and mind but as you know most of us fighters have anger issues but it doesn’t mean i’ve ever called a girl a bitch or a slut it just means if you act like a slut you get treated as a slut .

  2. PoeticCollective says:

    stop letting the world make you believe you have no rights…. stop letting them make you think guys are out to get you! and make you suffer!

    there is no such thing as rights!


  3. PoeticCollective says:

    well i think its unfair that i get funny looks and need to be careful while i work in day care! is that equal rights for you?

    men cant work in womens clothing stores, we cant work in lingerie stores

    where are women not allowed to work?

    also, i find it funny that women whinged a while ago about not being able join armed forces…. are you crazy…. YOU HAVE THE MOST GREATEST JOB IN THE WORLD, THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!

    being a caring mother, to LOVE. to shelter/comfort the world.

  4. Gripmaster3000 says:

    Women being subjected to violent crimes is pretty much common sense, and will always be much higher than men. Blame the fashion industry for the style of clothing they market and push on young women and girls for that 1. Many other things also, but some women like the attention. For the last one, you must be talking about the 1% that have more power than you than other women do lol. Many places in the middle east women don’t have shit for rights, america is still among the best

  5. dannyparker420 says:

    Dana White is a fucking Idiot sometimes !

  6. dannyparker420 says:

    This chick is WAY over Hyped !!

  7. Wasena Joy says:

    women may have the same rights in the constitution, but you have your head in the gutter if you think we’re still treated equally! we still don’t have equal pay for the same jobs (23% less), statistically women are more subject to violent crimes, in the media and everyday we’re presented like pieces of meat to satisfy men’s sexual desires, women do not have any power or very little in government or any industry/company (hell some countries in the middle east have more women in power than we do!)

  8. El Duderino says:

    Blaming the world wars of women? Wasn’t this about you saying women don’t have equal rights? Going back and forth with some fool that went to a school in the inner city is so fucking hard. You over look the facts i throw at you and when you counter, its always with something i already addressed. I’m not sure if you’re just retarded or a victim of a toxic gene pool and wildly irresponsible parenting.

  9. Wasena Joy says:

    yeah youre right its just hard for me to ignore bullshit x(

  10. Wasena Joy says:

    woow once again you cant read my answers correctly, i acknowledged the fact that yes it was in europe that more civilians got killed and women and children werent “playing around” they were in the military weapons and accessories industry, youd know that if you actually knew your history. Why are you blaming the world wars on women?? it’s not like women actually had any sort of power at the time, it was men who stated the war! even today the majority of people are still sexist, just as you are

  11. otb17166 says:

    Dude. She won the Bronze at Bejing in 08. Get your facts straight…

  12. Tiny Tim says:

    For a start you need to stop hateing on ppl you dont even know nothing about, calling them sluts an being generally abusive to anyone who has a geniune point to make, an you call yourself a parent that supposed to be mature an respectable for for the young to look up to where you set standards an lead by example etc, well you have none of that apart from anger an hatred within, boxing should have given some form of disicipline, clearly not an calling women bitches, sluts etc u have issues.

  13. ElGUIRRILLERO1 says:

    man shut your bitch ass up! who the fuck asked you! I pay to watch good fights not some sloppy mma match between 2 clumsy butch dikes ! male mma fighters display heart and courage that no other male sport can and you think womens mma can compete ? get the fuck out of here ! just look at how pathetic the wnba compares to the nba , female athletes aren’t even as good as the worst male athletes , and this is not what i think thats just reality son !!!

  14. dionusos2 says:

    What you need is some fucking 21st century thinking, you dimwit. These “bitches” are fighters. Who gives a fuck what you think. A good fight is a good fight. Why are you obsessed with only watching men fight? Projection much?

  15. ElGUIRRILLERO1 says:

    and another thing you piece of faggot shit why the fuck are you sticking up for these stupid bitches , you must be a fag well fuck you and no one is jealous of this stupid bitch how the fuck is she more successful than me because she was walked into the and got a bronze medal and is a slut ! what the fuck exactly have you done with your life? shit i bet ! I served my country gone to school and compete in boxing got my daughter our house what more do i need ?

  16. ElGUIRRILLERO1 says:

    i don’t know what the fuck trolling is some word you and your little faggot friends use like some little bitch ass kids ! and the reason i came on here was to see if any other ufc fans felt as bad as i do about women being allowed in the ufc , and faggot ass marcy darcy feminists like you are the ones who force women in combat and the wnba and now womens mma fuck this i’m sticking to bellator! and no i’m not jealous of rhonda shes a girl what the fuck could i possibly be jealous of? her period?

  17. ElGUIRRILLERO1 says:

    shes a paper champion cause she was handed a title outside the ufc without fighting for it like everyone else but thats what happens when you involve women in the military or sports while men have to fight for everything they earn women have it handed to them thats why men don’t respect womens sports they’re a fuckn joke plus she medaled in the olympics bronze by the way against other women you don’t have to be that good for that .

  18. El Duderino says:

    What happened in the European theater is fucking different. No one got a pardon, plus the ratio of men to women is 51% female 49% male, so yeah. Don’t try to act like it was American women and children that were killed. They were all busy playing dress up and kitchen during that time.
    Women can do whatever the hell they want to do, it’s just that they choose to take the easy route, stupid American.

  19. Mistah Anderson says:

    actually he was . no one knew how to fight worth shit back then. tito doesnt win these days because eveybody got him all figured out.

  20. Mistah Anderson says:

    dont stress out about these dudes . they are not fight fans. just a bunch of douchebags trolling.

  21. Mistah Anderson says:

    cant argue with the facts

  22. Wasena Joy says:

    you’ll never know! 🙂

  23. Wasena Joy says:

    geez chill bro dont need to get mad over this just voicing my opinion! if you dont like seeing other peoples opinions maybe you shouldnt be on the internet

  24. 2291chainsaw says:

    Yeah, lets see Cain Velasquez vs GSP… Idiot.

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