25 comments on “Dana White Says Uriah Hall Is Not A Fighter, Praises McGregor, Talks Sonnen vs Belfort”

  1. swavers says:

    Dan Hardy goes out and fights for his matches. And win or lose they are actual fights.

  2. dawit ambaye says:

    dana white is just an ass of a person. every question and answer is followed by a look of some sort. and as of a CEO please, how does how does the number contender get skipped and the number 4 or 5 guy get a fight with a champ. and plus i have secret i heard chael is sucking him off on the side

  3. powwowcritic13 says:

    Dana white has no right to talk shit about fighters like Uriah he’d rather keep losers like Dan hardy, Roy nelson he talks about saving money fuck keep firing the staggers and losers

  4. אופיר לייבל says:

    i think Uriah is losing lately because he afraid to hurt someone real bad like Adam cella

  5. HydroDaGreat says:


  6. KOking3030 says:

    Thanks for putting this vid up Karyn!

  7. Will Thomas says:

    Can’t wait to see all these haters jump back on Uriah bandwagon when he goes in there next fight and knocks someone the fuck out

  8. str8tleftrighthook says:

    Thats what I meant. There is money to be made if you perform. We don’t know how much they make. All thats reported are the 3 bonus money and the show money and win money. They don’t tell us what the payper view percentages are. if you watch the post fight press conference conner says if you finish you get looked after. The bottom line is that you have to perform. Reza got paid 60000 for the sub of the night last fight plus his show money and win money

  9. Zander Cage says:

    I don’t believe Dana White was particularly thrilled about that bout: “HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! The high 5 fight of the night WTF” via Twitter.

  10. TheMrTezzer says:

    Karyn really is one great interviewer

  11. jozsefkacsa says:

    They don’t get 50 000 for a finish!!!I unless Fight of night Sub or KO of night!f in Boxing someone makes it to a Pay per View they WILL make more than 6000 to show!!Many times more!!!

  12. Christian Bale says:

    thats her job, most brazilians doesnt care about Non-Brazilian fighters

  13. Harvg1 says:

    hall vs howard was a weird one. people say it was rubbish but really it was a sparing match imo. he needs someone like sonnen (i know no one is like sonnen) telling him the things he needs to hear like on TUF and i think that they now both train under mark munios so why not? love these complete media scrums

  14. str8tleftrighthook says:

    Its 6 to show 6 to win plus 50000 if you get a finish or FON. of course its they could do better. Its still better than boxing.

  15. TheMrTezzer says:

    I’m not sure if you have the correct names with the correct fighters, the Faber fight was amazing and the Hall fight was boring as shit. You know Hall en Howard are the black guys, right?

  16. KILLAHOOK6 says:

    your missing the point

  17. batmane251 says:

    Plus its a free fight so why bitch

  18. KILLAHOOK6 says:

    it was good? really? what the fuck were you watchin… the uriah vs howard fight was HORRIBLE! the only bad fight on the card smh

  19. Rich KEYS says:

    Your a fucking troll

  20. Zander Cage says:

    did you really just use yolo in a sentence. LMAO I boxed for 8 years. i never once said i was an expert. but i would call myself an educated ufc fan

  21. batmane251 says:

    So what if they show good sport ? No crap we want a entertaining fight but this is a sport not just two guys hell bent on hurting one another .

  22. joycePsycho1 says:

    WTF!!! Dana is pissed because Uriah Hall & Howard high-fived! Yeah, that’s not something fighters do & they probably shouldn’t have done it. Just my opinion & it don’t matter. But the fact that Dana keeps bringing it up makes me wonder if this is the REAL reason Dana is cutting him. Fuck this bullshit.

  23. jozsefkacsa says:

    Reza Madadi stealing Hand bags! This is ridiculous a 13-3 UFC Fighter Working for ZUFFA making $.6000/Fight!So if he wants to continue his training he either have to get a Job,get a Shitload of Sponsors,that btw ZUFFA have to OK,or he goes do some Shoplifting!ZUFFA IS A FUCKING DISGRACE!!to Professional Sports $.6000.So if he can fight 3 times/yr and win 2 fights $.28000 before Taxes!I make 3 times that!Dana White can talk all he wants but the UFC is average pays less than minor league Baseball!

  24. DanielNYG11 says:

    pay attention

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