Dana White Scrum – UFC 158 Press Conference

fightnetwork.com – UFC president Dana White spoke to members of the media following the UFC 158 press conference in Montreal, Quebec. White discussed a potential fight between Georges St-Pierre and Rory MacDonald, the state of the middleweight division, Ronda Rousey’s Sandy Hook video tweet, Quinton Jackson’s status with the UFC, Eddie Alvarez lawsuit, Josh Barnett update and many other topics. For additional coverage of MMA, boxing and pro-wrestling check out fightnetwork.com or follow us on Twitter at twitter.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com

25 comments on “Dana White Scrum – UFC 158 Press Conference”

  1. ufcismma says:

    whree is the tooth

  2. DaZ316x says:

    Shut the fuck up about Silva ducking Weidman. The poor motherfucker injured himself, had to pull out of his fight against Boetsch and is OUT FOR A YEAR. Fuck outta here about Silva “ducking”

  3. MrDusterzz says:

    is this after Dana had surgery? Can’t even tell… Fucken warrior

  4. 1979B100 says:

    So Silva should every fucking new fuck who comes out every day??
    Stop being so dumb motherfucker.

  5. justingolightly says:

    Seriously. There is not one team like that in Ring of Honor. At all.

  6. jibberingjon says:

    17:50, let’s absorb the complete and utter bullshit spewing from Dana’s mouth right now. I’m a huge Dana fan too, but he says whoever wins, wins and whoever deserves it the most gets the shot. This is while he is at the pre fight presser for GSP vs Diaz. Diaz being a guy who is coming off a loss and a year long suspension, when Johny Hendrix just won 3 in a row against arguably the 3 toughest guys in the division. 2 of them being BRUTAL first minute knockouts. Real fair huh, Dana?

  7. IMTHETRUTHH says:

    WTF Come on Dana…Nobody is gonna knock Lombard out. Now Vitor has to wait for Lombard to beat Okami…then wait until Lombard vs Vitor is done meanwhile
    The Queen Silva sits around like a royal whore holding the belt without fighting

  8. Chris Kelly says:

    what is the website that Dana was talking about with the refs?

  9. joe xtz says:


  10. mr420 says:

    I hope the warmaster fights in the if

  11. gizmofsu says:

    Using the phone to hide the flatness. She must be Classically Trained.

  12. ZEPPHISHPELIN6 says:

    Good questions

  13. ICE999KOLD says:

    16:30 what is their name?

  14. IdFear666 says:


  15. Igor Brown says:

    dana ‘we’ll see what happens’ white

  16. NoSheepWonder says:

    Obviously Rousey’s a crackpot and was irresponsible for the tweet. Hope the can she’s facing somehow pulls out the win.

  17. OmFgFFsWtF says:

    Guy with the mike did a god job. Much more intelligent questions than helwani

  18. Lloyd Banks says:

    dana was totally checkin that chick wit no ass out

  19. MrGoodCompany says:

    15:49 somebody got a codec call 😀


    btw dana football is big in canada. its been played here just as long as its been played in the usa

  21. RunEnabled says:

    Fuck Pedro Noble. Pussy Brazilians.


    man dana is a bald bitch

  23. mrsplitnwigs says:

    lombard vs vitor will be a good fight. Fight i wanna see would be lombard vs silva. Would be a doozy!

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