Dana White UFC 157 Pre-Fight Media Scrum: Gay Fighters, Cutting Fitch + Having 100 Fighters Too Many

MMA HEAT brings you UFC President Dana White’s UFC 157 pre-fight media scrum complete and unedited. Dana talks about women’s MMA, openly gay fighters, Ronda Rousey’s popularity, Machida or Hendo getting to fight Jon Jones next, reasoning for cutting Jon Fitch, “Viacom MMA,” feeling bad some fighters found out they were cut via social media before the UFC notified them, love for Vladimir Matyushenko, the UFC being 100 fighters too deep, Urijah Faber’s need to win on Saturday and much more. Be sure to visit www.MMAHEAT.com for more interviews and MMA content. For the latest Bruce Lee t-shirts check out http Nós falamos Português! * We’re on Facebook: www.facebook.com * Follow MMAHEAT on Twitter: www.twitter.com * Follow Karyn on Twitter: www.twitter.com

25 comments on “Dana White UFC 157 Pre-Fight Media Scrum: Gay Fighters, Cutting Fitch + Having 100 Fighters Too Many”

  1. intimidationn says:

    It isn’t complicated at all. I said Fitch got cut so Hardy should have been too because his losses were horrible and he isn’t this exciting fighter that your making him to be. A clause in Tito’s contract didn’t allow him to go to other organizations until a certain date.

  2. JLPuffums says:

    Where else did Tito fight? Just the UFC. Letting fitch go was the right move, he’ll go dominate bellator and come back with more heat on his name, making him worth the price. It’s not complicated.

  3. TheIrishjon says:

    stop pretending to be Nick the Tooth

  4. intimidationn says:

    Letting go of Fitch was a mistake, it shouldn’t have happened. Tito was released before, 2nd time you stated something false. Fitch’s future in fighting isn’t over, he will be back in UFC just like Mayhem, Nick Diaz, Nate Marquardt, Dan Henderson and many more. UFC prides themselves in having the best, Fitch’s career has been better than Hardy. Your observing seems to be blinded by a red mohawk. Your definition of excitement is over used when talking about Hardy.

  5. HeavyHandedOffering says:

    Is Wanderlei gonna get cut if he loses to Stann?

  6. JLPuffums says:

    You didn’t answer the question.. if Fitch was valuable, why would they cut him? They let tito stick around forever and he was and still is awful, so it can’t be personal. And once again, your opinion or experience as an observer when it comes to Hardy and the buzz or lack there of surrounding him, means nothing.

  7. Jonbombs says:

    1:19 Bye Dana

  8. NickThe Tooth says:

    stop pretending to be dana

  9. SincereDoper says:

    you realize that isn’t dana white…. right?

  10. intimidationn says:

    Say if Hardy was cut and both Fitch and him went to Bellator, there will be more hype for Fitch because he is better. He will be in the title picture quicker. You are acting like Hardy is a Brock Lesnar. I never heard of people being pumped for Hardy. After he loss to GSP I barely heard him being mentioned. Fitch has been talked about more throughout his career.

  11. intimidationn says:

    He was used to show that anybody can be cut. Dan Hardy is not exciting. While Fitch has a boring style, Hardy isn’t that much more exciting than him. You are acting like Hardy is a must watch. You want the best fighters in the world to fight for your company, Hardy was all hype.

  12. sonicfuker says:

    14:20 -He talks about Fitch

  13. Bruce Lee says:

    Nick Ring is an openly gay fighter.. And there was also that one guy in tuf a few seasons back that was a gay porn star before he started fighting.

  14. Bruce Lee says:

    If you have too many fighters than stop doing that shitty tuf show! You’re cutting top fighters like Fitch to make room for some crappy low level guys coming out of the tuf house. Seriously that show died 5-10 seasons back.

  15. ArcadianNate20 says:

    Calm down Dana, don’t get your fallopian tubes in a knot.

  16. Anderson Silva says:

    Pay me more Dana.

  17. testiclecrusher2 says:

    Dana White is one of the top 4 guys at zuffa so yea…

  18. Chris C says:

    I agree with Dana….. 

  19. robertobanini says:

    damn dana was fired up and ready to shut some guys up 😉 i like that one…less “lets see what happens” and more facts, that was a good and efficient scrum guys dont hate just listen and be happy with the inside info you get. (after all thats why we watch these vids)

  20. JLPuffums says:

    If Fitch was valuable, why on earth would they cut him? They are trying to make money and he wasn’t worth his price. Dan Hardy has a bigger fan base and he doesn’t even have to win because he’s always exciting and popular among fans. Fitch is boring in the eyes of the average MMA fan.

  21. Dana White says:

    Do you even know how much they get paid? No. So shut the fuck up.

  22. leandroofalero says:


  23. leandroofalero says:


  24. ma yapi says:

    Which card would sell more tickets?
    Fitch or some fighter in lower echelon?
    I took mine. Guess you missed out.

  25. eddieweimer says:

    Damn, Dana be ballin. Sippin Grey Goose straight from the bottle in the middle of a presser. 0:40

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