25 comments on “Dana White UFC 160 Pre-Fight Media Scrum: TRT, Caraway Backlash, Marijuana in MMA, Twitter policy”

  1. Bobby Clerici says:

    The UFC does not test; the athletic commission does.
    They make the rules, and so long as the rule is in place, no MMA fighter has any business smoking weed.
    What Dana is saying is follow the rules or suffer the consequences.
    Agree, disagree – whatever, but follow the rules. Work to change the rules – yes, express your opinion – yes, but if you’re a fighter, follow the rules.
    Simple deal.
    Again, it’s the athletic commissions, and the UFC and all fighters are bound by their rules like it or not.

  2. powerface71 says:

    Dana is fucking stupid, it is not illegal in Colorado 🙂

  3. QueefJuiceOverflow says:

    I think Cat’s husband is going to jump that nigga when its late and hes coming out of him gym.

  4. jbrashier32 says:

    If trt dont help then why take it you cant tell me with a muscled up body they have they need TRT


    Dana on yay look st his jaw lmao

  6. Nik Stoebick says:

    Why the hell would they give Browne a shot at the title after 1 win? Over Gonzaga…? You’re nuts.

  7. Trey Taylor says:

    TRT doesn’t give you technique people training does TRT is for rapid healing and maintaining muscle mass while cutting extreme weight if you want to keep healthy and active LONGER take male enhancement or redbull or trt or marijuana or deer horn velvet but you’ll still get owned if your not skilled enough to be in there

  8. 01REDEYEDDEVIL says:

    Great scrum!!!

  9. overgrow00 says:

    nope, that wouldn’t make sense.

  10. overgrow00 says:

    then you can look at his past photos and see his gyno… commonly caused from roid abuse. then you have his disgusting HGH gut. they don’t even test for that at all… nor EPO.

    huge cheater

  11. overgrow00 says:

    lol sherk, mayhem, hughes, serra and penn all accused him of greasing against them… then he was caught red-handed greasing at ufc 94. thats enough evidence to believe. if 1 side is true and the other is lies then i’ll stick to the true side 😉 on top of that fitch, shields and condit all said he was “slippery.” probably fearing to say greasy due to the backlash (both from fans and their employer) they seen his other competitors get for calling him out. then kos, penn and diaz said he roids.

  12. MagnusWyvern says:

    But it was still your choice to take the bonus away Dana, take a stand FOR Marijuana. It’s BS.

  13. coolerow says:


  14. Rob Žemaitis says:

    But if a company or athletic commission deems it illegal, it’s illegal. Period. End of discussion.

  15. Rob Žemaitis says:

    Your ignorance of the application of First Amendment law is appalling. What ‘marijuana laws’ are you prattling on about? If you work for a company, you abide by their rules, period, or you end up not working. Do you understand?

  16. MrBowdallen says:

    Literally never busted on anything even through camps, got greased by a dude in his corner, you gotta stop seeing one side of it and believing everything the other side says idk if he was over by more but i know it doesn’t matter considering .4 means nothing

  17. MrBowdallen says:

    Did you just say that one human equals one half a human, makes sense

  18. overgrow00 says:

    he toke his shorts off already.

    he had boxer briefs on and they do not weigh .4 lb. and thats saying gsp is not lying about what he weighed. also the biggest deal is how the QAC changed the rules just for him.

    gsp is a greaser and roider

  19. overgrow00 says:

    travis brown? huh

  20. overgrow00 says:

    male is 1/2
    female is 1/2

    2 males = two 1/2s

    1 female + 1 male = 1 whole

  21. Wanderlei420 says:

    Dana sippin’ on that infamous “Purple Drank”!

  22. 187Headhunta707 says:

    Man the camera is to close it bothers me.

  23. Kanchala Pancha says:

    could it be the UFC is not as good as we think it is if Hunt was able to get where he is today ….just think about what Dana said here

  24. MrBowdallen says:

    Two men are two humans, two women are two humans were all humans.

  25. MrBowdallen says:

    He explained this, he didn’t take his purse.

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