25 comments on “Dana White UFC 167 post-fight scrum video”

  1. TheVJProduction says:

    i know how gsp is feeling, hell everyone knows how hes feeling. your
    fucking boss trying to down talk to you and trying his best to persuade you
    into taking it up the ass. stick it to the man gsp.

  2. enuff2u says:

    Good fucking interview. Thanks for the info Dana!

  3. bruce yee says:

    Imagine every fighters in the ufc fight like GSP? hahha the whole stadium
    would fall asleep. Id be the first to sleep garantee no need for medical
    sleeping pill. GSP is WWE champion. 

  4. Joel Martinez says:

    Dana already announced GSP is taking a vacation to recover from the fight
    and the rematch scheduling is on schedule and he’ll have a date in a couple

  5. Todd Fillips says:

    sounds to me like a girl is fucking George’s mind up because the baddest
    fuckers on earth have a hard time with a broken heart just like everybody
    else and your mind can’t get off of it no matter what somebody might say
    you can’t think about anything but that. Women and bills will drop you to
    your knees because women take that shit better than men. the next fight
    will be in canada and GSP can cycle back on his steroids and Johnny as well
    and GSP will whoop his ass. GSP will have to vacate that belt if somebody
    is to get it because no 170 guy can take it from him, he fought the dumbest
    fight i ever seen him fight he was all over the place like he was on pain
    killers or something. GSP is a machine and they will get that machine back
    in tune.

  6. Edin Pandzic says:

    Idk wtf was dana watching. GSP clearly won on points…..he outwrestled/out
    jj/and outstruk hendricks in volume…..oh and GSP pushed the pace….I
    mean if u gave it to hendricks THAT would be just TERRIBLE….the rule is
    you have to BEAT the champ not get judges to give it to you when you did
    not even win….

  7. xander k says:

    GSP has been in the ring longer than any other fighter, and he’s made the
    UFC what it is today. He could barely put words together, he’s been
    through so many wars, and Dana White wouldn’t give him a shred of respect,
    what a classless idiot

  8. llubtip15 says:

    Dana comparing his job to a fighters is ridiculous when he said if i
    decided to take a year off how would that go down pff yeah Dana but your
    job doesn’t involve taking a beating so bad it will literally take months
    to recover from so STFU if GSP owes the UFC anything then every fighter

  9. zama Califoor says:

    Here’s a bit of statistics Dana. so STFU
    Takedowns: GSP 3 / Hendricks 2
    Head punches landed: GSP 47 / Hendricks 56
    Body punches landed: GSP 26 / Hendricks 3
    Leg hits landed: GSP 28 / Hendricks 22
    Total hits landed: GSP 101 / Hendricks 81
    Total hits attempted: GSP 125 / Hendricks 127
    Percentage hit accuracy: GSP 83,4% / Hendricks 60,8%

  10. Fckgogle Pluss says:

    GSP fans should be happy he won but there is no defense on why he won. He
    got beat up. Thats what fighting is about…afflicting DAMAGE. If thats
    the case lets turn the ufc a slap boxing. Paulie Malignaggi land a million
    pitter patter shots on broner. But guess what….broner won…why? DAMAGE.

  11. Henry Fernandez says:

    Dana white can kiss my ass you know why? How come he didn’t say shit to
    Alexander gustafson fight? How come he didn’t call that a robbery but he
    goes fucking public with GSP? Kiss my ass motherfucker, if you’re gonna
    jump all over this fight then do the same for the other fights.

  12. Mago Uno says:

    why does Dana change his comments all the time. John Jones got taken to the
    limit and he didn’t say he lost. I think GSP lost but how can Dana rip him
    a new on not John Jones. And also why didn’t Dana call for a immediate
    rematch with John Jones.

  13. Bruce LeRoy says:

    Hendricks won. But what I learn from the fight is Hendricks ko power is
    overrated as fuck!! If they had rematch I’m going with Hendricks by UD.
    Hopefully Condit will be the next UFC dominant WW champion. 

  14. Kuzlica says:

    No rematch, GSP vs Condit is more fun, even Matt Brown is a better match up
    than Hendricks, Hendricks is not that good just a bad matchup and hits
    hard, if GSP and Hendricks had the same punch, Hendricks would die.

  15. sirus abernathy says:

    i agree starredge. sadly all of these haters in here do the same thing.
    they never scored the fight nor do they know how to they just jump on
    something that sounds like what they want to hear and roll with it which is

  16. STARREDGE says:

    after re-watching the fight without any sound on…i think it’s clear that
    gsp wins rounds 1-3-5 !! joe rogan was a little overexcited every time
    hendricks attempted anything….

  17. Terran Smith says:

    Gsp lost. . flat out. . he got his ass handed to him. . The ones on here
    saying stupid shit about hit counts and damage and shit and how Hendricks
    is not a good fighter..ur a bunch of idiot fan boys..give credit where its
    due..Hendricks went out there and beat up ur beloved champ..and if u
    watched the same fight I did u would have to agree..and 4 whoever said
    hendricks is no good and only hits hard..kill ya self

  18. Tony Llamido says:

    Dana is being insensitive jerk. It doesnt matter wtf you think….if GSP
    feels their important enough to take time away. So let it be….He is
    basically saying his heart and mind is not into fighting. For him to
    comeback not focused on fighting is something true fans dont want to see. I
    dont want to see him get destroyed to satisfy Dana. Hendricks…..please
    humble yourself….70% you sound like a dumbass. Where is your damn power
    switch. Give credit where its due. You gave him your best shot.

  19. SlenderMan92 says:

    Why the fuck where these kids crying about the Jon Jones vs Gus decision
    (which Jon obviously won) but when it comes to the GSP – Hendrix decision
    it’s all “Oh but look at the stats”….

  20. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Robbie makes 165k a fight coming off a losing streak of course he isn’t
    going to complain lol.

  21. trever pitts says:

    GSP has said he had demon on the joe Rogan podcast look it up

  22. someperson111 says:

    “Might seem like the end of the world but it’s not” he’s obviously talking
    about a kid.

  23. Danny G says:

    Hendricks had an unfair advantage the alien on His shorts was scaring GSP
    the whole fight 

  24. MrBrockHeinz says:

    MMA Heat ftw!!!

  25. TheVJProduction says:


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