25 comments on “Dana White UFC 167 pre-fight scrum”

  1. BatemanBeyond says:

    Nigger! As long as it isn’t used maliciously or as a racial slur then who
    gives a fuck. Dana is a PC douche. Remember when he fired Miguel Torres for
    making a JOKE about rape? It’s called context you dumb bald douchebag.

  2. USFighter says:

    Hey media, stop asking Dana “what was your favorite…” I can imagine that
    the UFC and each of its time periods are like children to him. Stop asking
    him to pick a favorite its annoying.

  3. BatemanBeyond says:

    Dana we don’t know shit until you actually make it happen. More than half
    of whatever he says is going to happen never ends up coming to fruition.
    Remember how long Dana was teasing the Anderson/Jones fight? He was so
    confident that he was gonna make that match happen. The fans and media were
    begging for that fight for years! Instead Dana never put his foot down to
    make them fight each other, he waited too long then Anderson lost. Now the
    opportunity to make one of the biggest fights ever is gone. Dana seriously
    pisses me off with all the bullshit he spews. 

  4. TopShelf says:

    If Rory wins, he should fight Condit then fight GSP. Also, all this talk
    about GSP being the best/most dominant welterweight is FU&%ING Bulll S%$t!
    MATT HUGHES is the best, most exciting, and dominant welterweight in UFC
    history. 4 decisions in 22 UFC fights!

  5. 1010Tj1010 says:

    Dana GSP’s net worth isn’t even close to being what Mayweather gets paid
    for ONE fight… so stfu about money and stop trying to make it seem like
    the UFC pays him well

  6. wrexshunt says:

    People with short little spans of attention can’t watch this because it’s
    on for nearly an hour so the trolls won’t comment … I hope . I love these
    big interviews. Thanks UFC from widdy 

  7. Alex Pickworth says:

    The first 5+ Minutes of this video is him praising GSP and then a few hours
    later he is totally SHITTING ON HIM!

    Wonder if GSP would say the same about Dana now!

    Have some fuckin integrity Dana! GSP has by your own admission definitely
    earned it! 

  8. Fidel Mora says:

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    Il███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and Paste this all over
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  9. Cormac McGrady says:


  10. rfc2031 says:

    Dana George is 32 and also we have heard the same old shit before, Anderson
    vs GSP and it never happened and neither is GSP vs Rory , stop talking shit
    u fucking liar

  11. TheOriginalemoticon says:

    Of fucking course Dana White would say he’s rich. He doesn’t want people to
    think the fighters are getting ripped off. The truth is I love MMA and I
    love training it but the pay is shit and there’s only one GSP. IT’S very
    few and far between. Look at all those fighters out there. GSP has never
    seen Mayweather money. As long fighter pay is shit I would never want to
    get exploited by this fuck or my children. So fuck UFC 

  12. jack black says:

    I saw this days ago! dropping the ball SB nation

  13. mitino aiken says:

    I’m a hardcore exactly like Dana white except substitute that gay ass
    football for motogp

  14. blindbrad11 says:

    38:11 Great TUF 1 story

  15. USFighter says:

    Just to let you know GSP is worth 25 million fucking dollars and will prob
    make about 5 million with endorsements, UFC pay per view cut ect.

  16. Sean Grace says:

    Watched this yesterday thank you to mma heat.

  17. DrewTheEntertainer says:

    Love this guy!

  18. creepyshaka says:

    The fact that the UFC cant make it to hawaii makes me sad. we love MMA over

  19. C0ACHMAYNE says:

    only a day late. 

  20. Kris Schlitt says:

    Bring diaz back!!

  21. Tommy T says:

    Crawling all over each other with these questions huh

  22. AbsoluteMMA101 says:

    FUCK Google + man! That shit’s garbage! Anyway can’t wait for tonight!

  23. Le.Dirty.Gelée says:

    Does cung le even speak chinese

  24. CasualCreed says:

    <3 pre-fight scrum's

  25. Wayne Binder says:

    I don’t comment much, because reading some of the comments blow me away.
    The negativity is unreal. 

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