Dana White UFC on FOX 6 vlog day 2

Dana White’s 2nd Vlog for UFC on FOX 6 starts with Nick the Tooth zip line pool jump into freezing water on the coldest day in years in Vegas. Behind the scenes of the 2013 MMA Awards. Dana travels to Montreal for the GSP vs Diaz Press Con. Ending with the UFC on FOX 6 Press con.

25 comments on “Dana White UFC on FOX 6 vlog day 2”

  1. edd1e661 says:

    Jeremy Scott Adidas :). Am I the only MMA fan that’s also into shoes?

  2. royalclub148 says:

    its a friend

  3. vivelajonny says:

    hahaha ariel helwani whatta ya gotta say bout that crackin ass motha fucka, them goofy ass shoes n shit had me laughin my ass off, whatta guy this guy is hhahaha

  4. luk3dawgnasty says:

    fuckin rampage playing a video game LAWL!

  5. Skip2MyLou619 says:

    Nick The Tooth needs his own Vlog

  6. TheTokyoRejects says:

    HAHAHAA just skips Rampage when shaking everyone’s hands!!!!!

  7. TheTokyoRejects says:

    Nick looks like he’s gained some pounds lol!!!!!

  8. ClownHouseProduction says:

    Dana has a nice ass house lol

  9. mikemugs7 says:

    Stop making shit up

  10. Don Corleone says:

    7:11 intense

  11. Th3Gr3mlinz says:

    These are the type of blogs I love!!! The day and the life of Dana! The interaction between him and Matt Hughes is awesome. Dana your a stand up dude and I wish I had the chance to just hang out with you for a day. His relationship with Ariel, Hughes and fighters come through strong in these blogs. I love it! Keep em coming Dana!

  12. eggnoy says:

    there’s google 4 u my friend

  13. takingstraylight says:

    agreed. not to mention a gay boy. he should probably shave and tan more…wait

  14. yankeesfan0130 says:

    lets see some more nick the tooth

  15. Andrew Comrie says:


  16. Mayking Gaines says:

    lmao dana and rampage bein cold az hell

  17. ohhroach says:

    NIck the tooth job description: do stupid shit for danas videos, be dana’s bitch.

  18. michaeljamesmccabe says:

    This was a fun vlog. Good to see people enjoying life.

  19. 7RAFAGT says:

    dana’s bitch*

  20. Mace Windu says:

    Is nick the tooth dana’s doctor or something?

  21. MasterChiefTwago says:

    6:30 Rampage too busy playing games on his phone to greet Dana. Lmao!

  22. jroy7 says:

    fuck nick the tooth, what does that old fiend have on dana?

  23. Carlito Brigante says:

    lol your pretty funny for a girl

  24. Lifter85 says:

    No more nick the tooth!

  25. jiveazzturkee says:

    Nick the tooth is actually a former amish pot dealing porno star who dana white met thru joe silva whos a huge porn fan.

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