Daniel Cormier – ‘All About That Cake’ | 7th Annual World MMA Awards

UFC light heavyweight Daniel Cormier parodys Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’ for the 7th annual Fighters Only World MMA Awards. (written by Adam Hunter) Watch the event on Wednesday…

25 comments on “Daniel Cormier – ‘All About That Cake’ | 7th Annual World MMA Awards”

  1. Fenriq deVelo says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! How can you not LOVE Daniel Cormier?


  2. Lee Everett says:

    Jones did more damage than i tought

  3. Quincy Jones says:

    This was embarrassing for me to watch 

  4. Exodus says:

    Because I’m all about that coke, bout that coke.

  5. ed boy says:

    “I watched it 100 times because it has to burn.” -DC

  6. Negro Tarantino says:

    This is that point when a Black Entertainer/Athlete starts to try and
    expand their brand and begin to make missteps like this that lives with
    them the rest of their career.

  7. Brian Beavers says:

    You got your ass beat by Jon Jones after talking a metric ton of shit,
    wasn’t that embarrassing enough? Save some face. 

  8. Jonny GOAT Jones says:

    What’s up everybody, it’s your boy *Jonny GOAT Jones* just passing through
    to show my disgust and utter repugnance at this extremely disturbing video.
    It’s truly sad to see what DC has become after I took him down three times
    and comprehensively delivered him the worst whooping of his life for 25
    actual minutes. I know Daniel Cormier’s body doesn’t exactly scream
    “athlete” but his gut is looking worse than ever and I’m literally
    concerned for his well-being. As a true Christian I do not believe in cakes
    or fried chicken and I urge all of my followers to maintain a clean and
    healthy lifestyle just like your champion (and still) does. Finally, I’d
    like to say that I don’t like Daniel Cormier, I don’t respect Daniel
    Cormier, I hope he’s crying somewhere right now, I’m sure he is.

    – Jonny GOAT Jones

  9. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *Cormier Twerks For Food in Hilarious Parody*

    Daniel Cormier seems to have rebounded from his title loss to UFC light
    heavyweight champion Jon Jones in good spirits.

  10. Turk man says:

    Cormier is one sexy man #sexualchocolate 

  11. mochronik says:

    that’s why he’ll never beat the alpha males…

  12. Mesh Uggah says:

    Jon Jones has really fucked up this poor dude…

  13. Jason Stackhouse says:

    At least he doesn’t take himself too seriously like most blacks…props to
    DC, funny vid.

  14. SunzzPlays says:

    people forget fighters are still human and want to have a laugh and fuck
    around sometimes. good on DC tbh made me laugh

  15. Ig Da says:

    So this is what happens when you fall short and lose out in the UFC title
    fight….UFC is trash, take care of your fighters please.

  16. Ari Gold says:

    I hate Cain now he forced DC to diet and can’t be all about that chicken
    and cake 

  17. daniel muñoz says:

    in my time, wrestlers were recorded having sex

  18. Cameron Brown says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! How can you not LOVE Daniel Cormier?


  19. Alexander Zamani says:

    jon jones, ‘I’m all about that coke’

  20. John Rolavs says:

    Daniel is the man! Dude went through a rough time with that Jones fight,
    he wanted it bad. Instead of wallowing in self pity, he’s acting like a
    true champ and moving on, not letting an obstacle keep him down.

    For the folks bashing on him for doing this video, let the man have a
    little fun! He’s earned it. You gotta respect a man who can do what he
    does in the ring, be down to earth enough to poke fun at himself and give
    us all a little laugh in the process. Dude is spreading a pretty positive
    message here on a few different levels too if you even pay a little
    attention to the lyrics instead of focusing on the fact a black man is just
    being honest enough to say he likes his fried chicken. Shit, everyone
    loves that stuff!

    Well done Daniel Cormier! You’re a pretty freakin’ awesome in my world
    man, thank you kindly sir for the belly laugh!

  21. Вася Пупкин says:

    Посмотрел за день уже раз 40, и не могу остановиться ))

  22. Samir Al Asmari says:

    This video is so funny to me :)) .. Yes he is a fighter, but at the same
    time he is a human .. and sometimes human needs to have fun and love cake
    and chicken

  23. Mark says:

    Oh man, I caught second hand embarrassment off this. Cormier’s taking an
    even bigger L for this

  24. AlarDane says:

    This is so embarrassing…. I can’t even look at it.. 

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