25 comments on “Daniel Cormier Discusses The Jon Jones Brawl on Inside MMA”

  1. klyzn says:

    This guys ask some dumbass questions.

  2. ThyChrysanthemum says:

    I feel like jones size (again) will become a deterrent in te fight; maybe
    even cardio will be the issue.

    I want Cormier to win. Cain is a badass and so is Cormier and id love to
    see both as champions. I really hate how jon has become; he just seems so
    vastly different from how he was right before he got the chance to fight
    for the belt.

    I think jones is trying to “live up” to being a champion by doing a
    complete 180 in his personality. All it amounts to is a very inconsistent
    behavior that comes off as totally fake. For that I hope jon loses.

  3. King says:

    Just let Bas ask the question. 

  4. OcelotDAD says:

    Cormier pushed Cummins when they stared down, he’s being a hypocrite.

  5. Ekim Would says:

    Cormier already looks like he has lost weight since the brawl, Jones’s
    comments about him seem to be motivating him. This will be a great fight
    but I hope there are no injuries

  6. Jon Doe says:

    Hate to imagine what DC would do to Anderson lip locking him

  7. TheAntManChannel says:

    You’re not breaking anything, chump xp

  8. gayisrave says:

    Break Bones t shirt is cool

  9. Y Hydeit says:

    Yeah but didn’t D.C. push Patrick Cummings the same way?……how the fuck
    is he getting a fine for Jones……..when Jones threw a PUNCH!

  10. chriser555 says:

    You don’t NEED to pick a side people, just enjoy the ride. 

  11. Daniel Bolter says:

    OK OK enough of the damn talking FIGHT

  12. Kevin Hall says:

    Cormier is going to rag doll Jones and KO him within 3 minutes of the first
    round. It’s not even going to be competitive, DC by total annihilation 

  13. Mrgummiwurm says:

    Man stop being a baby DC, stare downs sometimes have contact so there is no
    need to make it a physical confrontation

  14. JoeJR6787 says:

    Wait. They announced random drug tests? How is it random when they announce
    it beforehand?

  15. Eddy Haryanto says:

    In a heavyweight bout Daniel Cormier would win, DC has beaten bigger people
    than JJ. But in A Lightheavy match….DC must sacrifice his true natural
    body weight. Hes going to lose a lot of strength.

  16. Chance Jolivette says:

    i’m rooting for him i really think he gonna shock the world 

  17. etgynjsthkd says:

    This is all exciting leading up to the fight, and I’m sure Dana has a
    throbbing boner over the whole situation. The face down was a little
    intense, but these are fighters so it’s not like it’s something way out of
    the ordinary. I’m not leaning towards either fighter, but I will say that
    this will be an interesting bout…. to say the least. 

  18. Daggerfall40 says:

    I’ll be rooting for Cormier, only because I can’t stand Jon Jones.

  19. Michael Thomas says:

    Jones acts crazey so people understand when he runs away and tries to use
    his reach advantage to keep DC off of him!Jones will be fast, when he runs
    away!DC will annihilate Jones!Point Blank Troll’s

  20. Dylan PH says:

    Pfft all these people saying cormier will win are the same people who think
    steve mazzagatti is a good ref.

  21. geordiehousemafia says:

    Is the guy next to bas a robot?

  22. FalloutBahis says:

    I like his shirt “break bones”

  23. Deepeem Twentyeighteen says:

    Bones will wash this faggots ass. DC is done. 

  24. Castiel DeLosangeles says:

    Dan is a man. Jon is a bitch.

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