9 comments on “Daniel Roberts vs. Justin Baesman WAR MMA 1”

  1. Joe Bob says:

    fire that announcer or at least give him a line of coke before each fight for fucks sake man.

  2. TacticalItalian says:

    Who are the commentators

  3. Joe Shmo says:

    how the fuck did baesman win that fight. He won the second round solidly but the first and last round were all roberts.

  4. LenSengoku says:

    only thing they’re missing in the rules is the restart in the center of the ring.
    good fight, love the ring. couldn’t watch this yesterday cause the site was down, but i’ll still throw my support in so we can get another show! roberts looked gassed

  5. pulversilva101 says:

    I gave it to Roberts 2-1 fairly easy. Im as confused about the rules as anyone else I guess

  6. JLPuffums says:

    Retarded ass rules, no elbows in .. 1st round allowed er.. what?
    Throw yourself out the ropes to get a free stand up!? 

  7. Steve Weitzner says:

    Justin Baesman is 4-0 in 2013 and three of those wins have come by way of a split decision.

  8. Wallychans says:

    He won the first for sure… i thought he won the third also. I’m confused about the rules also. Cuz if you watch in the 2nd round, Baesman throws a lot of elbows while on the ground.

  9. JBLAKIE1 says:

    I thought roberts won the 1st and 2nd round. The ring and rules against elbows on the ground made this fight less decisive.

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