25 comments on “Day[9] Daily #571 – MMA vs Sage P1”

  1. Frozanics says:

    Maybe you should donate to him then..

  2. luckygozer says:

    in short no no it wouldnt
    1 day9 is about learning so doing it slow so that everyone can follow and learn is more important then doing it fast

    + time is money works the opposite way here
    the longer he streams + the longer his videos are etc the more ads he can put on them or longer ads and still have a low ad to vid %

    ads = money for day9
    so the more ads = more money
    so if he could explain something in 10 minutes he would GAIN money from taking an hour to explain it if he played ads every 20

  3. devinhallsworth says:

    Know yourself and know your enemy.

  4. Sean Hastings says:

    watch sinvicta’s stream, he plays with any available fans

  5. Arilozen . says:

    2500 videos coming up!

  6. Tiaraju9 says:

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I know that this is analysis, but sometimes seems to me that would be better if he just talks without pause or with less pauses. He could convey the same content with fewer interruptions throughout the video i think…. And you know, time is money.

  7. luckygozer says:

    this is ANALYSIS
    not commentary on a replay if you want to see day9 do commentarys then dont watch the day9 daily
    same thing for the artosis hour they are going into the fine details of sc2 so that you can learn something

    i would suggest subscribin to husky if all you want is commentary hes one of the best commentators out there
    i would also reccomend appolos commentating but again he does alot of analysis stuff and not as much commentary on utube soo

  8. xXLiLDomXx says:

    What i don’t understand is why do the non subs on twitch never get a chance to play with him and all the people who pay do? I understand that they pay to support him so therefore he tries to give all that he can back, but some of the other people who don’t pay who have been here to support him since he had started making a name for himself do not even get the slightest chance to play with their hero/rolemodel. It just makes me a bit sad 🙁

  9. luckygozer says:

    hey aslong as its not hellbat drops im fine with it
    hellbats scare me

  10. luckygozer says:

    in wol i heard people complain about how boring the pvz match up was (mostly zerg) so basicly saying something needed to change to either give protoss a chance against broodlord infestor or whatever
    which is the closest thing to my race is imba ive ever heard someone say srsly so

  11. luckygozer says:

    caps locks are cool

  12. Jk Sedarati says:

    Bollocks (y)

  13. devinhallsworth says:

    Drop dat bass while we drop the base in his base!

  14. Harzroboter says:

    His coffeecup 🙂

  15. Typhlosion261 says:

    At 9:30 send an SCV to build a barracks in his base. BECAUSE ZERG BASE IN YO BASE TERRAN WILL BASE IN YO BASE WHILST DEY GET BASED.

  16. Typhlosion261 says:

    Terran’s mining. Mine everything. Mine the minerals. Mine the gas. Know what? Fuck it. Mines. We need more. Need more minerals, gas and lets just make mines to fuckin KILL EVERYTHING! MORE MINING!

  17. iszlaiadam says:

    too much pause for me…

  18. Alex Cesare says:

    As a Widow Mine addict, I’m sorry.*

    *Not. :p

  19. igmfrank says:

    rootcats did in a recent game on newkirk city after he beat protoss in a zvp he said he believed that zerg was favored in the current matchup

  20. 8thlvlMage says:

    I main as Protoss, but I was like “I wanna mess around with Terran” and hell yeah I agree that’s some fun stuffs ^_^

  21. JaimeG88 says:

    You must be new here.

  22. Alex Cesare says:

    That’s why I play Terran. Love the changes they got in HotS. Zerg takes a second base before any army? Bam. Bunker before I expand, harass with marines, throw in a widow mine or two and then move on to Auto-Siege tech Tanks. 😀

  23. Diosukekun says:

    17:25 what kind of explanation is that? i count getting toilet paper as food because it’s one of the things we really need. well, actually that’s not the way to put it. i count toilet paper as food because buying toilet paper takes away from our ability to buy food… what?

  24. Nathan ator says:

    how do you get into these games to be an observer?

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