22 comments on “Day[9] Daily #571 – MMA vs Sage P2”

  1. Bryan Goss says:

    lol probably. I was assuming not everybody would be watching.

  2. TheAPStarcraft says:

    to bad it will be more than 6 billion, more like 12 billion by that time

  3. TheSheepwall . says:

    But… I just don’t find it that important whether I or someone else comments first on a video. Also I won’t form an opinion on someone who claims first comment. I just don’t care enough. 😛

  4. luckygozer says:

    it bothers people for 2 reasons
    they werent first
    the other guy is bragging about it

    studys have shown that when someone say receives first place in a tournament if he acts embarrased and shy people are much more likely to like that guy then the one acts self confident even if he isnt a dick about it

    its all about the science

  5. baszar24 says:

    Yes, let’s have a debate on this!

  6. flamcsd says:

    I just want to enjoy a full game, don’t go backward and forward so often. thx

  7. OnlyDrummingfreak says:

    oh man this joke is sooooo 2062 😉 :D no just kidding.

  8. Bryan Goss says:

    April 12, 2063, first man lands on mars. Instantly 6 billion people hate him when he says “First!”

  9. ThisSilentG says:

    u are a loser.

  10. TheSheepwall says:

    I just don’t see how it bothers anyone, though :O

  11. Kassidar says:

    28:46 ‘Break screen!’
    mother: why did you break the screen!?
    me: day9 made me do it

  12. vennish11 says:

    no its not. quoting the video can actually highlight funny spots. saying first is simple retarded.

  13. GunziesGun says:

    Sean, please put music to your ending segment! It’s just weird to me watching you dance to no music!

  14. v1d300 says:

    The appropriate question should be, ‘People are still doing this ‘first’ thing even after HoTS release?” Wow!?

  15. WickedDuckSC2 says:

    Have you ever actually seen a really popular video with no comments yet? Its become such an inside joke that the temptation is actually to high to resist. You kinda HAVE to write it.

  16. Eli Kyun says:

    They want attention lol… but instead they get dislikes.

  17. baszar24 says:

    Still better than quoting the video 🙂

  18. trabadab says:

    People will always “first.”

  19. Sean Whissen says:

    can’t believe i have to watch a cover girl commercial before i get to watch this. Great marketing

  20. Puttepi says:

    Of course! This is the internet 😀

  21. jeyrestey69 says:

    People are still doing this “first” thing in 2013 ? Wow…

  22. treksez says:

    first, love you day9

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