7 comments on “Day[9] Daily #571 – MMA vs Sage P3”

  1. EuphhorixxOfficial says:

    did i see this on tb?

  2. Олег Кунгуров says:

    dat probe had 1 kill!

  3. Ryndika says:

    there is no terran dailiy : (

  4. tigerclaw221 says:

    MMA attacked right before 2-2 AGAIN…

  5. Advenger22 says:

    Wow.. you don’t even need to build templars to win late game, 4 colossus with good drop defence and it won’t matter what the terran has.

  6. MrBenmarshall says:

    When you have nothing else to do, you can always be sure there is a new Day9 to fill in a few hours

  7. xXWh1teXx says:

    Owwww yeah! Right on time~~

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