24 comments on “Day[9] Daily #638 – MMA vs BabyKnight P1”

  1. ToryLeagueOfLegends says:

    lol glorious

  2. FUCKFACE says:

    For zealots I prefer the term “cannon fodder”

  3. Bro7Games says:

    9:49 i have done that often XD

  4. Yuan Zhao says:

    I facepalmed at that face…

  5. Jonathan Zisser says:

    This game is keeping me on the edge…

    The Mirror’s Edge.

  6. Jonathan Zisser says:

    What is that face Day[J]! Lol.

  7. cicciter says:

    day9 op!

  8. Aubrey Ladan says:

    i clicked this movie because of day9s face

  9. cet0708 says:

    I think that he calls that one ‘unfettered arousal’.

  10. bagocross08 says:


  11. DreadBRO says:

    Haha! who wouldn’t click at this video with this tumbnail? xD

  12. Daniel Thorup says:

    I still always read caveat as cave eat when I stumble upon it somewhere in a text.

  13. ranueltee says:

    It’s really great to see MMA’s games being analyzed again. Its been a long time.

  14. 213323343 says:

    Me: -sees Day’s face on vid-

    this gon be good

  15. Lennon Cunha says:

    meme of that thumbnail, please.

  16. Jastro88 says:

    It depends who you ask, and what point of reference you want to compare from…

  17. ToryLeagueOfLegends says:


  18. ToryLeagueOfLegends says:

    MIRRORS EDGE! <333333

  19. ToryLeagueOfLegends says:

    IKR that face is the face of sexual tension.

  20. insanepopcorn says:

    So at 8 mins a protoss is safe opening 3 nexus into robo twilight and can defend early pressure… as a terran player i want to beat up blizzard. HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. the infernal atheist llama says:

    Not really. 750, 000 people are regularly playing the game. No, it’s not LoL, but it’s still doing well. And remember, there’s one more expansion to come, which should sell a couple million copies again.

  22. Amnestic says:

    My younger brother said “sumbarine” (instead of ‘submarine’) for a decent way into his teen years, despite multiple corrections.

  23. 0000ohohoh says:


  24. nateyj11 says:

    The most epic derp face ever.

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