25 comments on “Day9 Daily #662 TvP Exploiting thin edges MMA vs Patience P1”

  1. Itachi Uchiha says:

    Cat in the mouse? Must’ve been a huge mouse or a tiny cat (;

  2. zeroqp says:

    Maybe MMA should put bunkers on the high ground along with a mine or two
    and drop Patience’s base? Or produce more mines and use them as a counter
    offence. But if he did that, Patience would see that he went mine heavy and
    simply produce an observer or two.

  3. Martin Bravo says:

    Play Arkham Origins!!!

  4. Tyler Owen says:

    wait i just noticed that you are actually infront of a green
    screen…ahahahha my whole life is a lie

  5. Das Lizard says:

    Maybe they should nerf Protoss?

  6. Dravous Wild says:

    so I suck….but I still cannot understand how these guys get away with
    building things in such a way they they can’t even see their ramp, and yet
    they don’t get cannon rushed or something. I mean, I’m sure MMA couldn’t
    handle it….but the the life of me I can’t understand HOW.

  7. Izzy B says:

    so when does Protoss need to adjust their build order? it doesnt seem
    balanced if they dont have to worry about those adjustments.. 

  8. extion says:

    I can’t stand this green screen! Has Day9 ever explained why he does this

  9. Mrted92 says:

    I didn’t get it. What do u type instead of thin? :o

  10. Liam Brown says:

    sounds like you worked really hard on that intro

  11. Richard Powers says:

    Don’t forget that you’re your own long lost twin.

  12. godzilla6006 says:

    That first 40 seconds…. LMAO only you Day9!

  13. Yhigma says:

    I wonder what his room actually looks like at this point…

  14. Neil Meyer says:

    Why do you not play age of empires with JP?

  15. Johnsen says:

    Where does he film the show now? 

  16. Misha Syvorotka says:

    use chromakey?

  17. OnetastyJoe says:

    Cant wait to see that pala deck in motion

  18. JimBobWales says:

    “Days of our lives of gaming”

    I always thought that was Northernlion’s Binding of Isaac LP.

  19. Jo Malone says:

    OOOOOOOooooOOOOooo hi! ;)

  20. Johnnyapppleseed says:


  21. Jaewoong Ahn says:

    he looks like jessie pinkman in the thumbnail

  22. Strafka says:

    Hey, Day9, why don’t you start actually becoming a GOOD caster? There are
    other casters on Youtube from which you(and yes specifically you!) could
    learn a lot from. Try checking out Seko gaming, Husky, Crota or Psy. They
    just present the games and their analysis and they refrain from constantly
    digressing into stories that are so boring and pointless that it doesn’t
    even make sense to tell them.
    I know this may sound offensive, but it’s actually constructive criticism.
    Hell, if you followed my advice you could have like +3 games more in the
    show on Funday Monday. If you just do it to fill an hour of the daily,
    well, then maybe the dailies should be shorter.
    I used to respect your casting, but times change and you need to do so as
    well! A good start would be by trying to cast a daily with your camera
    turned off and just the games(the reason people watch you in the first
    place) on screen. I started watching for Starcraft, not for you face, which
    means that it’s a big disappointment to watch your constant verbal
    masturbation. Sure, you’re jokes are funny, but not funny enough to
    constantly forcing you’re viewers to fast forward, because they came here
    for Starcraft and only get it in small chunks between your compulsive
    obsession with flaunting your face to the world. Have you tried seeing a
    psychiatrist about it? 

  23. jochum334 says:

    4 more till the Evil show. I demand at least a goatee

  24. TheBonboni11 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks, watching Day9 commentating is way more fun
    than playing Sc2? :D

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