16 comments on “Day[9] Daily #737 – Life vs MMA P1”

  1. Mythricia says:

    Lol that self awareness breakdown at the start is amazing.

  2. herpderpmonkey says:

    MMA lost that because he just stood a clump of hellbats right next to
    morphing banes… If he zoned the banes out and kited, his army would’ve
    survived, he’d have killed a buncha shit at the 3rd, and been in a great

  3. TheNightGroper says:

    These matches were insane to watch.

  4. Brutalis says:

    It’s not vanity, it’s branding!

  5. LagStrafe says:

    I love this guy. Homo <3

  6. frankycnguyen . says:

    The Airplanes are called 747’s! You are still 10 planes, i mean shows, too

  7. AverageJohanson says:

    Don’t worry Sean, awesome people are allowed to be vain.

  8. MFIepyon says:

    Day9 would be a good teacher or psychologist.

  9. Nurriek says:

    Is an “Android Hatch” the zerg silliness equivalent of an Artosis pylon? Or
    am I missing something? Samsung has been too successful for me to find this
    answer on my own.

  10. pinoy929 says:

    “My face is in the way of my own name, so that’s like three of me. All
    right, well, let’s go to the other screen and readajkjheasd there’s my name
    on it!” lol.

  11. Akarapones Tonsomboon says:

    where did he get this replays?

  12. xheihachi says:

    There’s 757’s 767’s and 777’s too 

  13. vrud123 says:

    Wow uploaded so fast awesome! 

  14. MFIepyon says:

    lol wtf was that mug Sean?

  15. ModernArtery says:


  16. Klikkable says:


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