24 comments on “Day[9] Daily #738 – MMA vs Bomber P1”

  1. aygecko says:

    The description is the epitome of tard. “TvT is one of my favourite match
    ups, along with TvP, TvZ, ZvP, PvP, ZvZ…”. No shit

  2. Nathan O'Dell says:

    How dare you shit on Tyrion Lannister.

  3. EnderPryde says:

    I’m just laughing so hard at his rant about cats… because I know exactly
    where he’s coming from, having cats is infectious to the brain AND ITS
    surprised people aren’t selling blackmarket cats on street corners just for
    people to get their fix

  4. Ultramanfan14 says:

    I love how day9 talks so much about his cats. I remember watching PSY
    Starcraft he just told his cat Isaac to SHUT UP. Twitch chat turned into
    PETA when he did that.

  5. nein gtfo says:

    kittytalk ends on 6:30 ;-)

  6. Owen Auer says:

    I’m new to Starcraft 2, is it possible for me to download these played
    games to view on my computer? If so where do I find them and what folder do
    I place them in? Sorry for all the questions.

  7. DDayz1 says:

    Im gonna come back and watch all the sc2 videos on this channel from the
    last two months as soon as my exams are done.. Cant wait, christmas with
    food, family, gifts and lôads if sc2 chatch up :D

  8. James Atkins says:

    What a weird place to end the video. 

  9. MrTheoneandonly says:

    Yeah, i love cats! They taste really good. 

  10. Alec Caso says:

    Yesterday, Today and an unforeseen period into the future will forever be
    known as the Day[9] cat era. 

  11. Mirrors Law says:


  12. Jan van Zon says:

    Came for the Starcraft, stayed for the kittens!

  13. Abnormal Wrench says:

    Hands up, don’t shoot!

  14. annihalited says:

    OMG, love the car-rant at the beginning! xD

  15. Axelexplode says:

    Day9 is being effected by the Dodger kitty virus! Lol

  16. Alexandre Gareau says:

    My bird is the shit. You birds are just okay.

  17. Magnacraft says:

    really? nothing on forGG WRECKING life? I want your analysis of those games
    soo baaadddd 

  18. 92Thom says:

    I skimmed through this video just for kitties 

  19. zimizi says:

    you gotta shave^^

  20. Sailor Saturn says:

    Biggest Subtitle fail of the video. Bomber comes up as Bummer a couple of

  21. cendrieeR says:

    Sean + cat = Maximum cuteness + awesomeness (aka entertainment).

  22. Logan Lake says:

    “My cats are the shit!!”

  23. ayuminor says:

    How do you still have such a poop webcam? This is your job.

  24. Sean Cannon says:

    goblins vs gnomes is out on hearthstone sean, get to it man

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