3 comments on “Day[9] Daily #738 – MMA vs Bomber P2”

  1. Dominic Wilson says:

    I think he made that extremely aggressive move because he saw how much
    damage he did to the main (barracks lost for MMA) and knew that MMA
    couldn’t produce enough stuff to defend against an aggressive push and that
    he (bomber) needed to press his advantage to the 4th before MMA could

  2. Jerry Bradick says:

    Haha ok i was about to say what an odd time to stop part 1. You must have
    Time Warner or AT&T

  3. ALT Greven says:

    if bombers army is in the middle of the map.
    why mma doesnt try a boom dropp in the main of bomber?
    bomber has no vision in the south. aganst 6 medivcas with tanks turrets
    dont work.
    ok if bomber attacks right mma must lift the 3rd. but tanks on your
    production line is gamending.

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