25 comments on “Diego Sanchez: Conor McGregor Is Going to ‘Get Humbled’”

  1. assdat says:

    diego speaks the truth

  2. LegendaryBoyA says:

    diegos right though, conors first big name fight will be diego, eveerythign goes down the drain to if he loses to diego lool

  3. w0y1z92753 says:

    I think he’s a chance to still win a title. He almost beat Melendez in one of the most closely fought and entertaining fights I’ve ever seen. Melendez is capable of winning a title and Diego took it to him. Not out of the realm of possibility. But to call him a GOAT is just silly. A fan favorite for sure though.

  4. FL Brizzle says:

    I don’t think Conor McGregor is all that he thinks he is but I do think he could beat Diego. He may not smash him or finish him but I think he wins the fight. Props to Diego though.

  5. FL Brizzle says:

    Diego came in with the potential to be the GOAT but he didn’t live up to expectation. He very well could be one of the toughest though but we all know that tough doesn’t win titles.

  6. BlackStar KeepShining says:

    Props. I don’t knock you for supporting him! I just have a problem with Irish people thinking he would destroy everyone just because he’s Irish.

  7. w0y1z92753 says:

    No hate, Diego is a very good fighter. But GOAT? That’s a ridiculous statement.

  8. 0duor says:

    All of these are 145. Aswell as Conor. But Conor used to fight 155 too, thats why he talked shit about Sanchez. He could move up.

  9. TheeDevilWearsPrada says:

    Why you gotta hate?

  10. StocktonResident says:

    Definition of a warrior kids…take note.

  11. John Moran says:


  12. Homero Carvalho says:

    Diego Sanchez is right on the money!

  13. begood20000 says:

    Only time will tell

  14. jaganmaster says:

    It’s not smarts (not calling him dumb either) it’s his honesty that makes him appear smart. Diego’s a true warrior.

  15. kvach90 says:

    True it means dat he should fight big not talk big

  16. w0y1z92753 says:

    Yeah, and he’s got the titles to prove it… oh, wait. Never mind.

  17. TheeDevilWearsPrada says:

    Diego is the GOAT!
    Greatest Of All Time!


  18. Cody T says:

    Diego Sanchez Vs Khabib Nurmagomdov would be cray.

  19. Inediblehulk says:

    Daniel Bryan’s beard would eat McGregor’s for lunch.

    And yeah, Mendes would easily eat the rest.

    But McGregor is still damn cool.

  20. Inediblehulk says:

    Joseph Duffy tapped him in 38 seconds. Sitenkov did it in 30. Not quite “ran through every fighter”.

    At 10-1, with a win over an Ultimate Fighter (Parke), that Duffy guy deserves some of the Irish hype.

  21. Inediblehulk says:

    It’s his birthday today. Thirty, so I think we’re meant to call him Bear Swanson now.

  22. Inediblehulk says:

    Somewhere in Lithuania, Artemij Sitenkov is brooding in his castle, thinking “Nobody? I’m 14-11. 14 is MORE than 11, stupid American!”

    Then he chucks his sifter of brandy into the fireplace and howls at the moon, before setting off to rejuvenate on the blood of virgins.

    Make it happen, Joe Silva.

  23. Johnny Phelan says:

    Go fuck yourself asshole

  24. Brandon T says:

    i wanna see cub swanson beat conor down

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