25 comments on “Dixie Carter Defends MMA Fighters in TNA”

  1. RMilvae says:

    TNA needs to sign Ryback!

  2. Whothatkidd016 says:

    So she rather buy washed up stars then make some herself.I mean that’s what I’m getting from this clip and she wonder why people don’t take her and her company serious.Because of stupid shit like this tna is on it’s deathbed and she’s to blame because of her stupid mistakes.

  3. E VT says:

    Maybe some of you who are not MMA fans need to know that Tito Ortiz & Rampage have not been Huge draws or stars in MMA for years now ! Thats exactly why the UFC & Dana White let them go.Tito Ortiz since 2006 has won 1 Dam fight, he is 1-9-1 over the time. Rampage is also on a multi fight loosing stream and could not compete anymore against the top competition at 205 inside the UFC. This is just absolutely ridiculous

  4. Jabbaro123 says:

    I rather see Bobby Lashley return but i will hope for the best because in my eyes TNA has a chance to really compete with the WWE.

  5. XenosLangley says:

    I understand where Dixie is coming from, but what she is doing wrong is, is she’s filling in the gaps of pro wrestlers for these MMA fighters instead of showcasing one or 2 good ones. For example,in the 90’s the WWF incorporated Ken Shamrock, who was a huge UFC star at the time,and he actually did pretty well in the WWF,along with Dan Severn. The WWF did it in a way where it looked believable that they transitioned from MMA fighter,to Pro Wrestler.TNA makes these guys look out of place and lost.

  6. INJ Solo says:

    TNA is gonna die because of her. Majority of their ppvs are free now because no one buys them.

  7. just blaze says:

    Wow Dixie is a mark if she thinks these two are the stars she makes them out to be.

  8. Riki Kage says:

    no your just at the mercy of spike TV and u gotta do whatever they say or TNA goes. you even have to bang em and make a porno tape if they ask u

  9. RealHustleMusic says:

    dude….fuck you…thats is all

  10. Daniel Quinn says:

    What a Tit, doesn’t have a clue

  11. eric abramov says:

    tito ortiz part of aces & eights a group of talentless fucking jobbers 

  12. eric abramov says:

    its ok tna has mma fighters but tna is using mma fighters godawfuly wrong

  13. eric abramov says:

    tna has good mma fighters like tito ortiz and there making them part of jobber groups

  14. destinyson23 says:

    Yeah, because MMA fighters don’t get enough limelight and money and your own superstars get far too much, eh Dixie.


  15. TheCodedtestament says:

    she can’t help herself. She thinks signing all of these clowns will help her company grow. The problem is all the fans she alienated throughout the years; the irreconcilable damage done that makes so many critics now. their constant resets made it worthless to get invested. Ratings mean little to TNA because Spike sinks money into them anyway, Spike is heavily invested into TNA. Their ratings haven’t changed in years.

  16. Alex Thorn says:

    She’s right, only thing is TNA needs to continue to put out who they are and how serious these 2 can and have kicked ass. It’s nice to know there’s 2 guy’s in the ring that can actually go

  17. RumbleHD says:

    All I heard was “They were famous on TV so I hired them”

  18. DarthCipient says:

    She’s fucking clueless. 

  19. Dolph Ziggler says:

    dixie knows nothing about the business shes just loaded and thinks mma guys would help when it would ok i dont mind in like a special ppv they could be like a ref like tyson for wm 14 but thats all no wrestling because its 2 different stuff wrestling is fake and entertaining mma is real mix them 2 together it wont work and hogan just is worried about is ego he dnt care about the business he is driving tna to the ground like he did in wcw they need to wake up and say we need a change

  20. SuperSpanishChicken says:

    It doesn’t benefit TNA in anyway. If they loved wrestling so much they would of become wrestlers instead of cage fighters.

  21. WhiteDragonBlueEyes says:

    smh, stupid dixie

  22. toad toad says:

    yeah tito ortiz can fight with a cracked skull and still win he can even beat jenna jameson tnas gonna get better yaaaaay

  23. marvelmania says:

    “sometimes” gotta build starts? say what you want about wwe. but almost everyone on the wwe roster was built up by wwe. her “defense” is actually making no sense.

  24. octasian says:

    Dixie treat pro wrestling like a pony that mommy and daddy bought for her, whom actually run the joint. Tna is her play thing that fits in with her barbie malibu pink house.

  25. vvstreetfightervv says:

    Anyone that hired hogan for the kind of cash she did doesn’t know shit. And if all the roster cuts were made so they could pay him and a few others who can’t even work a match, then that’s laughable:)

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